You’ll strike gold on this Victorian walk!

Feb 17, 2023

The wonderful Goldfields Track, in Victoria, is a 210km walking trail linking the great goldfield towns of Ballarat and Bendigo.


Originally known as the Great Dividing Trail, it follows pretty creeks, gullies and ridges of the Great Divide from the wet temperate forests at Daylesford to the dry northern plains.

On our 3-day pack-free guided walk you’ll explore the highlights of these trail crossing rivers lined with ferns and discovering deep gullies covered with mine shafts as well as stone ruins and the relics of the gold rush 150 years ago.

Along the way encounter an array of nectar feeding honeyeaters as well as colourful parrots.

Add to this our afternoons and evenings in the spa country towns of Daylesford and Hepburn Spa, local produce and wines and you have the perfect walking experience.


On our final day, we commence from the once vibrant gold settlement of Fryerstown.

Many fine old buildings remain in the gold rush town that once populated 15,000 residents. Soon we pass the tailings and workings of the massive Spring Gully Mines which continued to operate through to the 1930s.

As you walk through the gullies and landscapes it will feel like you are wandering through an open-air museum of old mining relics in an abandoned landscape fading back into the bush.

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