Understanding how to ‘layer’ your clothes for your next guided walk

Jun 16, 2023

Now when you go on one of our pack-free guided walks we can guarantee a number of things – we can guarantee you’ll see some incredible views, we can guarantee you’ll stay in some wonderful accommodation, and that you’ll have some excellent meals and wines.

One thing, however, we can’t guarantee is that you’ll have great weather – even that’s beyond us!

But what we can guarantee is you’ll have all the information you need to dress accordingly for the walk and the climate – and one thing we want to explain to you is ‘layering’.

Layering, simply put, is wearing the right clothes in the right order so you can take them off or put them back on depending on the weather.


How layering works


It sounds like commonsense but there is a little more to it.

This video takes you through the principles of layering systems for cold weather bushwalking and some of the biggest mistakes people make when layering in winter.

Look and learn!


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