Take your Three Capes walk to the next level!

Jun 10, 2022
Tasman Island Helicopter copyright image Richard Bennett
Photo: Richard Bennett


Life’s An Adventure prides itself on each and every wow factor included in all its walks, from scenic plane flights to private chefs but we reckon our latest one is next level!

Our 3-day Three Capes pack-free guided walk showcases the unique beauty of Tasman National Park, south of Hobart and near Port Arthur.

This a wild, yet accessible park of tall forests and a truly spectacular coastline. Waters from the Southern Ocean collide with the towering sea cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula, creating spectacular rock formations, including caves and arches.

Photo: Richard Bennett

And besides the breathtaking views, gorgeous walking trails, luxury accommodation, and superb boutique meals and wines, the additional wow factor has always been either a three-hour wilderness cruise around Cape Pillar or a scenic helicopter flight over Tasman Island.

Tasman Island Helicopter copyright image Richard Bennett 2
 Photo: Richard Bennett

For those choosing the helicopter option you can now upgrade your experience to include a Tasman Island Adventure where you’ll fly across the Three Capes and land on Tasman Island for the afternoon, enjoy a guided walk on the island and fly back to Hobart along the coastline (transfers to your hotel are included).

This 1.2 sq km island, located in the Tasman Sea is part of the national park. It’s is a plateau surrounded by steep dolerite cliffs and the site of the Tasman Island Lighthouse and weather station, which has been automated since 1976 and unstaffed since 1977. It’s also place few people visit so you’ll have even more bragging rights when you get home!

For more info on the Three Capes pack-free guided walk click here.

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