Maria Island walk gets lux accommodation upgrade!

Jan 09, 2023

Our upgraded the accommodation for our 3-day Maria Island pack-free guided walk is next level!

Spring Bay Mill is a sustainable, architecturally designed venue with water views of Maria Island National Park.

On each day of your trip, we’ll simply catch a ferry daily across to Maria Island to explore it then return to your lux accommodation at the end of the day.

At Spring Bay Mill they say you’ll be surrounded by some of the cleanest air Tasmania has to offer. Previously the world’s largest wood chip mill, the site promotes peace and relaxation, just what you want after a big day on the trail.

Garden-to-plate goodness, modern facilities, award-winning accommodation and an intricate landscape yield a backdrop like nowhere else on the Apple Isle.

So what’s so good about Maria Island?

Mountainous in the interior and surrounded by stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches, aqua waters and limestone cliffs, this island is a hidden gem unknown to many.

Guide Craig Fardell Photos 2021 - 2022 of Maria Island - 10

Enjoy pack-free walks of Maria Island and soak up the spectacular scenery, admire the rich and abundant wildlife and take in the intriguing history.

Life’s An Adventure general manager Mark Norek says: “Maria Island holds a special place in my heart. I proposed to my wife Vicki on the top of the island’s Bishop & Clerk summit.”

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“This island is pure heaven and has everything you would want in a walking holiday including spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and so much natural beauty. It’s one of Tasmania’s little gems that is unknown to many Australians. I’m very passionate about sharing the secret of this magical place with our guests,” says Mark.


“Our team is dedicated to providing our guests with an enriching experience, quality and interpretive tours.”

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