Get to know Great Britain’s great walks

Sep 23, 2022

You may not think it but the UK is a great hiking destination! There are beaches, lakes, woods, and mountains. In one short trip, you will see many different and unique landscapes.

Port Issac South West Coast UK

And if you fancy seeing some of the best parts of the country on foot then one of our pack-free guided walks is for you!

Cornwall & Dorest's South West Coastal Path-6

Each of our UK tours have been designed so that you can experience the best of each walk and they have been created specifically for Australians with limited time, showcasing the most stunning locations on each walk and avoiding the mundane, allowing you to achieve this walk in a more manageable timeframe.


Stay in stunning locations during your 6, 7 or 8 day experience. Or combine two or three of these tours to create a longer walking journey.

Cornwall & Dorest's South West Coastal Path-7

Our South West Coast Path Pack Free walk, in England is one of our favourite walks and a real show stopper. Explore the stunning Coastal region and Jurassic Coast of Dorset as well as the medieval villages, ports and stunning coast of Cornwall.

Cornwall & Dorest's South West Coastal Path-4

Further north we offer our Coast to Coast walk. This superb walk takes us from St Bees on the Coast, through the stunning Lakes District and on to the Yorkshire Moors and Dales to the coast.

Whilst in Scotland our walk takes us along the famous Scottish West Highland Way. Explore the stunning lochs, mountains (munros and marilyns) and rich green landscapes. For info on all our UK walks click here.

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