Flinders Ranges nominated for UNESCO world heritage status

Aug 24, 2022

South Australia’s fossil-rich Flinders Ranges is one step closer to being declared one of Australia’s natural wonders on the Unesco World Heritage List.


The area has been nominated for a tentative listing as a world heritage site, on behalf of the South Australian government and the area’s traditional owners, the Adnyamathanha people.



Home to significant fossil deposits, the region was dubbed “one great outdoor museum” by 20th century explorer and geologist Douglas Mawson.

“More than 600m years old, the Flinders Ranges is one of Australia’s magnificent landscapes,” said state environment minister Susan Close.



“The fossils and geology of the region are particularly fascinating, displaying the history of our planet and the evolution of life on Earth.

“Some of this critical evidence includes the world’s finest example of the Ediacaran explosion of life when the earliest forms of complex multicellular animal life evolved.”



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