When our guides go beyond the call of duty

Oct 26, 2023

We love singing the praises of our guides. We reckon they’re the best in the business, who often go beyond the call of duty for our guests.

Case-in-point our fantastic Tassie guide Janaya who recently had to deal with a client’s hiking boots falling apart on the trail.

Patricia W is one of our ‘repeat offenders’ – a guest who has done multiple Life’s an Adventure pack-free guided walks – and for a thank you for booking her latest walk, our 4-day Cradle Mountain tour, she received a free room upgrade in Launceston and a bottle of wine.

Lake St Clair


On the trail the next day things were going fine until the group got to the top of Cradle Mountain and Patricia’s hiking boot fell apart!

“I was a bit overwhelmed by this event,” says Patricia. “Such a thing had never happened to me before!”

Old boots


Patricia tried taping her boot up but that didn’t work then along came Janaya to save the day.

“While I was sitting there wondering what to do, because we had a four hour walk down and many more days walking ahead of us, Janaya stepped in and suggested she call Anaconda in Launceston and order me a new pair of boots – the same type and size I was wearing.”

“I was happy to do this but since we were at Lake St Clair, I did not see how they could be delivered. Not to be perturbed Janaya got my credit card and ordered a pair.”

“She then contacted a guide she knew who was not working that day and happened to be in Launceston. She asked that person to go to Anaconda and collect the boots and they agreed,” says Patricia.

It was arranged that the guide would drop the boots off at the Grand Chancellor in Launceston where other Life’s An Adventure guests were waiting to leave on their tour.

New boots!


The next day the new boots were delivered to Patricia at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge where she was staying as part of the tour.

“They were the same brand I had and they fitted perfectly,” says Patricia. “And upon delivery I found out they were on sale and reduced by 50% – a miracle all round!”

“I could not believe Janaya’s ingenuity and quick thinking. I’ll be forever grateful for her actions”.

The amazing heli flight at the end of the tour!



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