Wilder Family

Apr 04, 2016

My 9 year old daughter and I did the Maria Island Walk with Life is an Adventure and it was wonderful. Maria Island is beautiful, the walking was sensational and everything was incredibly well organised. The logistics, food and wine were also great. But above all else the Guide we had, Catt and our logistics leader, Daniel were simply incredible and made the Maria Island trip an absolute delight with their care, knowlegde and guiding. I selected this trip over the other more excluisve trip as it was shorter in time, your bags were carried and the accomodation is a little more natural- i.e. penetentiary and tents. I have previously done the bay of fires walk many years ago and this was just as good. My daughter loved it and while I thought her walking all that way was going to be challenge, she had no trouble and they looked after her incredibly well.