Apr 04, 2016

My girlfriend and I decided to do the 2 Day Wolgan Valley Walk in the Blue Mountains in September 2012. It started on a cool spring morning when we got picked up from Katoomba Station and drove out to the Zig Zag Railway. Our guides handed out our fantastic lunches and snacks and we set off on our way. It was a small group of 6 plus our guide and was a barrel of laughs and friendly banter the whole way. Our first stop was the glow worm tunnels where we walked to the middle of the tunnel and extinguished our torches before the tunnel transformed into a starry wonderland. As we lingered there in the dark cool tunnel, our eyes adjusted and the glow worms became more apparent as they lit up the ceiling like the sky and lined the edge like emergency lighting on a plane. We emerged from the tunnel and entered into a gulley of tree ferns surrounded by gorgeous rock walls with a creek trickling beside us. We continued on our way, watching the flora transform from ferns to dry gum forests with native spring flowers sprouting. The views to Donkey Mountain were spectacular as we perched on the cliff edge and regrouped. Lunch was exquisite and we continued on our way as our guide shared fast facts of the area, the flora and fauna and taught us what native plants we could eat along the way. Stepping stones were strategically placed as we crossed the creek and found the old pub and our rest stop for the night. Our other guide had set up our tents and was waiting with a feast of food to cook for dinner. Wine lined the table, a cheese platter sprawled in front of us. We freshened up in the hot showers provided and set in for a night of relaxation and gourmet treats. After dinner we sat around the fire before heading off for a well earned rest.

In the morning we were awoken to the sounds of birds laughing and refuelled before exploring the old ruins that Newnes had to offer. It is incredible to think of what used to be in this old industrial city that is now a ghost town that has reverted back to its vegetated state. The pipeline track was next on the hit list, and as we climbed to 900 metres over 2 km the adrenalin kicked in and drove us up rocks and over fallen trees. When we arrived at the top we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains escarpments and the valley floor below us. We enjoyed a leisurely snack and cup of tea on the cliff edge as we took advantage of such a spectacular photo opportunity. The rest of the day was a breeze as we descended into Glen Davis through green valley, ferns towered above our heads and we scuttled through wattle groves. The local fauna came out to great us as we saw butterflies, birds, goannas and kangaroos. As we signed the guest book and continued around the corner our 4WD was there waiting to transport us back into reality.

The whole trip was very easy going and relaxed never feeling rushed to get anywhere. Considering it was only the second time the walk had run, it went off without a hitch. Guides were knowledgeable and friendly, scenery was gorgeous, walk was relaxing, food was gastronomically divine and the overall experience was second to none. Highly recommended!!.