Nora and Jane

Apr 04, 2016

Meals – excellent. I was amazed at what Katrina and Daniel had provided for us after a hot day’s walking. Delicious, welcome, beautiful food! Excellent guides, Katrina, Daniel and Ben are wonderful ambassadors for Life’s an adventure. Night 1 at the Penitentionary – A unique experience that tied in history with a good degree of comfort. Camping experience on night 2 -Excellent. Dinner by the cove – good friends, good food. I was quite surprised to find the tents up, shower tent ready, food organized, and a cup of tea in my hand. I had expected to do some work but I didn’t have a chance to even volunteer – it was all in hand! Very welcome just to relax! Overall impression of the Maria Island walking tour: beyond expectations. Would love to do another Maria Island tour with you now!.