Linda Balderson

Apr 04, 2016

Meals – Excellent. The food was of a superb quality and there was plenty of it. It was better than food I have been served in a restaurant. Despite being in the great outdoors the facilities for preparing and eating the food was extremely clean. Guides – Excellent. Our guide, Daniel was very knowledgeable and provided the group with historic tales at points along the walk. Daniel set the pace of the walk to suit the whole group therefore making the walk very pleasant. Our chef, Nigel was a fantastic cook and provided us with excellent meals. The campsite and it’s facilities had been set up prior to our arrival allowing us to settle in at the campsite as soon as we had arrived. Camping experience – Excellent. The tents, mattresses etc were very comfortable. The tent was very clean and they were all situated in ideal locations. The kitchen and eating facilities were exceptionally clean. The chairs and seating area was very comfortable and a pleasant area to sit in. Tour – Beyond Expectations. I had a fantastic experience on the coastal walk, it has been one of the highlights of my one month holiday in Australia. The views were spectacular and the walk was very well planned out. The food was exceptional and all staff were very pleasant and accommodating. This trip was definitely worth the money!