Karl and Cheryl Gallienne

Apr 04, 2016

Meals -Excellent. Kat, Warwick and Andrew were very attentive with the food as I can only have glutten free products. I felt they went out of there way to provide the best and freshest possible food for me and everyone. My husband enjoyed the journey with me as I was healthy for 3 days, which is important when walking in the middle of a Island. Fresh, tasty and plentiful, just what you need. Guides -Excellent. Being hospitality trained ourselves, we were very impressed with our guides. They had the perfect combination between the 3 of them. You couldn’t have asked for any better. Night 1 at the Penitentionary – Good. Showers were a let down for this night, otherwise very comfortable. Camping experience on night 2. We are camping people so we enjoyed this night the most, you really felt that you had the Island to yourself and felt very special. Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. The logistists are all put in place for the guides but if we didn’t have Kat, Warwick and Andrew I don’t know if it would have been the same. We feel they made the trip for us, they care.