Dean & Mary

Apr 04, 2016

Meals – Excellent. I am able to eat just about everything and I like everything so the food was full of variety and choice both healthy and unhealthy which are both wanted at different times. And cooked very well too. Making and taking our own lunches with snacks to munch on the way was a good idea. Guides – Excellent. All three were friendly, professional helpful and accommodating Kat, Warwick and Andrew. Everything was set up and provided for. Nothing was missing that we needed. Kat had the hardest job out front keeping us amused and pressing us on at the hard moments, but the boys were there in the background providing our comforts. I appreciated Kat for coming and finding me to see the penguins. I travelled around Tasmania for two weeks and missed out and then the first night it was like magic and there the penguins were with their babies. Night 1 at the Penitentionary – Excellent . I saw the penguins, The food was plentiful. Camping experience on night 2 – Excellent. The view was spectacular, no mossies the weather was perfect, the food plentiful, various and well cooked, wine was plentiful Kat encouraged us to get out of the sun. Her fourth attempt was successful when we realised that we were all getting burnt. Thankyou Kat for your concern. Overall impression of the Maria Island Tour – Beyond Expectations I think we were lucky that everyone seemed to get along well and that may have been because the leaders were happy with each other it seemed to me so that I felt comfortable and secure and that made the weekend carefree. With dollops of history thrown in and a few good photo opportunities and the most excellent weather it was a weekend to remember.