Sue Crane

Mar 28, 2016

Meals – Excellent. Very impressed with how Brenton fed us. Arrived first day to cheese, bickies and lobster. And of course beer and wine. And the good food kept coming. On our last day we even had home made brownies courtesy of Kat (who made them at 10 pm!). It was fabulous. Good food and nothing was ever too much trouble. Guides Warwick and Brenton were fantastic. It was hard to believe that Warwick was so young, he was very capable and mature for his age! And everyone is really friendly, welcoming and helpful. Beach shack on Night 2 – Excellent. I was expecting a shack similar to Willie’s on the 6 foot track. I did not expect a house with beds with sheets and blankets even! It was really luxurious. Loved the outside area, location etc. Absolutely wonderful. I expected the crew/guides to be highly professional but also friendly and easy to walk with. This was totally the case. Having walked the 6 foot track, I knew the quality of your crew/guides. It was certainly exactly as advertised.