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Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

Carnarvon Gorge, Bunya Mountains & Cania Gorge

Guided 7 day Pack-Free walk

Our 7 Day Pack-Free walk has been tailor-made to explore the best National Parks of Southern Queensland. Explore Bunya Mountains and Cania Gorge on our journey to Carnarvon, two gorgeous places not to be missed and totally unique in their own way.  Bunya Mountains National Park showcases the largest stand of ancient bunya pines in the world as well as stunning rainforest-clad peaks. Whilst Cania Gorge. From here we head to famous Carnarvon Gorge to discover cool mountains, rainforests and waterfalls, unique range-top grasslands, panoramic views, colourful birdlife and enthralling stories of times long ago. Designed with the adventurer in mind, this hike will take you along deep water-carved gorges, over dry and harsh sandstone escarpments, through lush and verdant rainforest, between the fronds of the world’s largest ferns, and into ancient art galleries of immense ceremonial and spiritual significance. 

Every day comes complete with the best accommodation each location has on offer and is fully catered with delicious and nutritious breakfasts, lunch, and dinners.  With everything completely taken care of and catered for, all you will have to worry about and carry is your small day pack. 

Carnarvon-gorge -overview


Pack-Free Walking Experience

Carry only your water and lunch

No need to carry heavy overnight packs with your clothes and gear, this walk has been designed for those looking for an affordable multi-day walking experience with all the creature comforts. Your overnight bags will be transported each day so all you need is a small day pack for your lunch and water.


Helicopter flight over Carnarvon Gorge

A spectacular Wow factor

To truly appreciate the grandeur and carnarvon-gorge we include a helicopter over to get a bird’s eye view of this gorge which runs for 35km in the heart of the 302,000 hectare Carnarvon National Park.

Please note:: The local helicopter company is experiencing operatoring issues and may not be able on all tours at present, clients will be refunded the cost of the helicopter if it is not operating during your departure.


The Bunyas

Trees and forest right on your doorstep

We enjoy warm hospitality at the Bunyas only 200 metres from the walking trails that wind through Bunya Mountains National Park.  With the trees and forest right on your doorstep you will feel at one with nature and all the wildlife that calls this picturesque locale home.  Each 2-bedroom unit comes fully equipped with kitchen, dining area, loungeroom, fireplace, and bathroom. With a queen bed in the main room and twin singles in the second room.


Cania Gorge Cabins

Serene environments and basic outback comfort

In the remote outback of Cania Gorge we stay in the only accommodation in this remote area. Each cabin has a private bathroom and air conditioning for your comfort.  Although the beds are comfortable and inviting, facilities within the cabins are basic – but this won’t bother you at all, as you’ll be spending the evening under the seemingly infinite stars as you listen to the quiet beauty of nature all around you, drinking in the atmosphere as well as a well-deserved wine.  In the outback, sometimes basic is best.



Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge

Nestled within Carnarvon National Park and right beside Carnarvon Gorge.

Stay in one of the best accommodation available in Carnarvon National Park.  Enjoying the serenity and watching all the local wildlife that frequents the water’s edge.  With air conditioning, and ensuite bathroom inside,  you will have all you need and everything you want to make yourself at home for the coming days.

Best Western Bungil Creek Motel

in outback Roma

Spend 1 night in the Best Western in Roma. This four star property is modern and sleek, featuring an outdoor pool & cocktail lounge

The-Bunyas -queensland-1

Local produce and Australian wines included

Mealtime is a special time on tour. Not only does it provide the opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers in a relaxed environment, but it also allows you to sample regional specialities. In Roma we dine at the Carriages Restaurant who boast the best steaks in Australia, as well a range of other delicious choices. Whilst at Carnarvon Gorge enjoy hearty meals featuring fresh local flavours. All evening meals are served with Queensland wines.


Our CEO Guides

Chief Experience Officers

Our guides are truly exceptional at what they do. We call them our CEOs – Chief Experience Officers and it’s their job to ensure your tour exceeds your expectations. Our guide’s caring attitude and wonderful outgoing nature ensure your tour is relaxing, fun and informative. They will take into account the weather each day and plan the day’s adventure to suit you and the conditions.


Personalised Tours

Small and intimate groups

Our group sizes are small and intimate with a maximum of 12 people, we find this delivers more personalised service, a great social environment and has less impact on the environment.


Genuinely all-inclusive

No more to pay

Our tours are genuinely all-inclusive. From cruises to wine with dinner there are no hidden extras.

NO Credit Cards Fees!

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Tour Itinerary

Tour Inclusions
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

This is an all-inclusive tour with no hidden extras:

  • 1 night at the Bunyas Units
  • 1 night in Cania Gorge Cabins 
  • 3 nights in Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge
  • 1 night in Best Western Bungil Creek Motel
  • 6 x delicious restaurant dinners featuring beautiful local produce
  • 6 x breakfasts
  • 7 x lunches
  • Return transfers from Roma to Carnarvon Gorge
  • Professionally guided – Our CEO’s – Chief Experience Officers are passionate, well trained and enthusiastic with the ability to bring to life a depth of information
Day 1: Brisbane - Bunya Mountains National Park walk
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

Please note: the regions we visit in Outback Queensland are quite remote, as such driving distances between each location are lengthy. We do attempt to break the long drives up with stops enroute.

MEET TIME: Meet 7.45am
TRANSFERS: Morning 3 hour transfer from Brisbane to Bunya Mountains. Afternoon: walk is near our accommodation
10kms of walking . Medium. 4 hours.
TERRAIN: A combination of formal paved path and natural trail that can be rocky underfoot. Short, steep ascent and descent at the waterfalls.

WALK ITINERARY: Your Life’s an Adventure Chief Experience Officer (CEO) will meet you in the foyer of the Mercure Brisbane King George Square in the morning, after which you will climb aboard your carriage and be transported in comfort to Bunya Mountains.  Upon arrival, and after getting settled, we will embark on the short but beautiful Barker Creek Circuit Walk, taking in Tim Shea Falls, and admiring the vibrancy of the forest and tangled strangler fig.  The afternoon is yours to relax at your accommodation at the Bunyas, maybe visit the local Whisky Bar, stroll the nearby forests, kick back looking out from your accommodation, or grab a tray of bird seed from the local store and try your hand at feeding the raucous and vibrant bird-life.  The evening will see us sitting down to a delectable two-course meal in the Lyric bar and restaurant. 
Tim Shea and Festoon Falls Circuit - Day 1

Day 2: Cania Gorge National Park
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

TRANSFERS: Morning: 4 hour transfer from Bunya Mountain to Cania Gorge, with stop en route. Afternoon walk is near our accommodation.
TRAIL NOTES: 6km, 3 hours
TERRAIN: The trail starts with a moderate, 400m steep stepped climb. Beyond this are easier gradients, one short steep descent and a gentle incline back to the start.  Overall it is a clear and well defined trail, with sections on uneven, rocky and unmodified terrain.

WALKING ITINERARY: After a hearty Queensland brekkie, we transfer to Cania Gorge with a short stop along the way. Once we reach Cania Gorge we enjoy a wonderful afternoon walking adventure. Cania Gorge is an exquisite bifurcated landscape of sandstone monoliths, bedecked on top by eucalypt woodlands and on the sides by fire-wary cypress pines, while down in the sheltered gullies reside stoic ferns and dry rainforest species persisting on in little alcoves from a long-forgotten age.  The Giant Chair walk will take you on an exceptional circuit, giving you tastes of the dry sandstone escarpments of the outback, eucalypt woodlands home to abundant reptiles, and lush green grottos of ferns and rainforest.  A small climb of 100 metres will bring you to the lookout itself and the wonderful views which are part and parcel of this landscape. After our walk relax at our cabins at Cania Gorge and enjoy a hearty dinner served with wine.

Grampians Pack-Free Walk - Day 1

Day 3: Dragon Cave and Bloodwood Cave - Cania Gorge National Park
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

TRANSFERS: Late morning 2 hour transfers to Moura for lunch. Afternoon transfer: 2 hour 45 min transfer to Carnarvon Lodge.
TRAIL NOTES: 8km, 3 hrs
TERRAIN: Lightly undulating. Overall it is a clear and well defined trail, with sections on uneven, rocky and unmodified terrain.

WALK ITINERARY: After fuelling up at brekkie, served up by your CEO, we’ll head off on foot to see what the rest of Cania Gorge has to offer – and it’s a lot.  First heading out to Dragon Cave and Bloodwood Cave to enjoy the dry woodlands and exceptional geological formations in the sandstone, we then veer off up another path to Dripping Rock and The Overhang.  Dripping rock is awe-inspiring in its tranquillity, begging the passer-by to stop and meditate and find satori.  However, when we do finally leave – enlightenment found or not – The Overhang will inspire us with the constant and slow forces of nature, the sweeping roof of the cavern arcing over our heads providing sanctum for a forest of verdure fernery.  After completion of our walk we will transfer to Moura where we will enjoy lunch at a local café before continuing the drive to Carnarvon Gorge. For the next 3 nights we can unpack, relax and enjoy the facilities at Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge. Tonight enjoy dinner served with Australian wines.

Dripping Rock and Dragon

Day 4: Carnarvon Gorge
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains


TERRAIN: Overall this is a clear and well defined trail, with only a few sections of uneven, rocky or unmodified terrain. There is a steep climb but with well-formed stone steps and short ladders and its only about 300m long with about 200m in elevation gain from the gorge floor. Otherwise, the terrain is just lightly undulating.

WALKING ITINERARY: With a healthy and hearty breakfast finished and fuelling us for the day, we will set off up the gorge’s main trail, before veering right up the sandstone walls to Boolimba Bluff.  200 metre climb will bring us to the top of the escarpment and from here we get amazing views out over the landscape.  As the sun rises and the heat with it, we will descend back down into Carnarvon Gorge and continue on our trek to the amazingly cool and secluded Moss Garden.  This green treasure, refreshed by waters that have taken thousands of years to percolate through the sandstone strata, is one of the most peaceful and serene grottos you are likely to see across all of outback Australia.  Heading back to your creek-side accommodation, you will be able to relax in the late afternoon warmth before we regroup for dinner served with wine and visual guided tour of the stars which shine ever so brightly in the Aussie Outback.

Moss Garden Return

Day 5: Carnarvon Gorge Great Walk
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

TRAIL NOTES: 20km, easier option available.

TERRAIN: Flat walking with some small inclines. Excellent dirt track but some sections of uneven, rocky or unmodified terrain and many creek crossings using stepping stones and boulders.

WALK ITINERARY: Today enjoy breakfast before setting out and getting a taste of what is known as the Carnarvon Great Walk, a 90 kilometre circuit of the rugged area completed by only the hardiest of hikers.  While we are not doing the full loop we will still be seeing the best that huge walk has to offer on our way to Big Bend, a large elbow carved out by millions of years of flowing water. Heading directly up the gorge, we are flanked on either side by its towering walls and will get many chances to rock hop, skip, jump, or wade over the many semi-permanent waterways that are home to and creator of the gorge.  On our way up the gorge we will veer off on many gorgeous side trips, from refuges for ancient king fern gardens to daunting acoustic amphitheatres but, most importantly, a singular Aboriginal art gallery dating back almost 4000 years, a visual testament to the (at least) 20 000 years of human occupation in this area.  Something not to be missed and treasured in memory.  While it is a long walk, the main gorge has it all, and is the highlight of any visit to Carnarvon Gorge.  Something to reflect on this night, over a delicious dinner served with Australia wines.

*Please note, easier options for walking are available on this day. 

Big Bend

Day 6: Carnarvon Gorge - Roma
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

TRANSFERS:  Afternoon: 2 hour 45 min transfer to Roma
4km, 1.5 hrs
TERRAIN: Flat walking. Excellent dirt track but some sections of uneven, rocky or unmodified terrain.

WALK ITINERARY: After the exertions of yesterday, this morning you’ve earned a little sleep-in.  Once you are rested, we’ll start the day with an easy amble along the Nature Trail, a quiet and beautiful walk where you can notice the small things and let the sounds of nature trickle over you.  We’ll keep an open mind and an open eye out too for any wildlife, especially any sleek platypus returning to their water’s-edge burrows after a night of feeding.  After this we’ll stroll to the Rock Pools, the only area where swimming is permissible in the gorge and we will take to the water, paddling around pondering turtles and darting fish.  After this quiet morning we’ll turn it back up to 10, and send you soaring over the gorge and endless landscape beyond in a chartered helicopter flight (*Please note the helicopter flight has been suspended for the season), an exhilarating way to contextualise all the places you have hiked to over the previous days.  Afterwards, we head south again and drive south to the outback town of Roma and another beautiful night’s accommodation and a fitting meal. 

Day 7: Roma - Toowoomba -Brisbane
Carnarvon Gorge and Bunya Mountains

TRANSFERS: 5 hour drive from Roma to Brisbane with sightseeing stops along the way.

ITINERARY: This morning enjoy breakfast in Roma before transferring back to Brisbane, heading down the long and historic Warrego Highway.  Sit back in comfort as the outback blows by, slowly becoming greener and more verdure as we again begin nearing the coast.  A stop in Toowoomba at Cobb and Co. will give you a chance to stretch your legs and imbibe some of the past as well as imbibing some more physically nourishing food at the café.  We will arrive back in Brisbane around 4:00 pm, greeted again by the azure sea and the massing crowds, but wearing dusty boots and sweat-stained shirts – lingering reminders of our time in Outback Queensland. 

OPTIONAL: Direct Qantas flights from Roma to Brisbane are available (duration 1 hour and 52 minutes). Clients may choose to leave the tour on the morning of day 7 after breakfast and fly to Brisbane instead at their own cost. Client who do this, will need to organise their own taxi to Roma airport. Please note these flights only occur on certain days of the week. Clients will need to check directly with Qantas if flights are operating on this day. Clients choosing this option will save $100 per person off the cost of their tour.

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