Yuraygir is the coast with the most!

May 06, 2022


The Yuraygir Coastal Walk near Yamba on the mid-north coast of NSW is quite unknown but the highlights are many!

This 65km pack-free guided walk takes you from Angourie to Red Rock, the largest coastline of the national park in NSW.



During this 5-day pack-free guided walk, you’ll meander through rocky headlands, bays, beaches covered with pandanus, coffee rock cliffs and lush rainforest. And as also accommodation and meals are first-class.



One highlight is Brooms Head which you explore on the second day. It’s a perfect place for turtle, dolphin and whale spotting.

Descend onto the beach and meander to Sandon River where you will have amazing views of Plover Island, an important place with immense cultural significance for the Yaegl people.

Before reaching Minnie Water, wander through stunningly coloured and textured old smooth-barked ‘apples’. From here you transfer to Wooli River Lodges for your next 2 nights accommodation.

Tonight you’ll dine with the locals at the local hotel, with a range of food choices available from Italian to German and Austrian. Relax and soak up the atmosphere as we enjoy wine with dinner.


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