You’ll sleep well after a day with us on the trail!

Aug 04, 2023

Imagine going on holiday just to sleep? Well apparently, it’s a thing!

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A lot of research suggests adults are sleeping a lot less at home during their day-to-day lives than they should be and hotels and retreats are offering an alternative.

According to the Huffington Post hotels that focus on providing a great place to sleep for tourists don’t just provide comfortable bedrooms.

Pic: Unsplash


They offer full wellness experiences. One London retreat offers a two-hour sleep treatment, 60-minute facials or massages, yoga, meditation, and personalised sleep amenities as well as ‘sleep boxes’ filled with pillow spray, bath and body oil and sleep supplements.

Others offer weighted blankets for bedrooms, pillow menus to suit whatever kind of way that you sleep, whether it’s on your back or side as well as sleep meditation provided by registered hypnotherapists and sleep experts.


Now we at Life’s An Adventure know how important a good night’s sleep is – especially after a day on the trail, which is why we choose the best accommodation available – this includes cosy rooms and comfy beds!

Case-in-point our on 3-day Great Ocean walk along Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast where you’ll send both nights at the award-winning Alkina Lodge.


Alkina is the closest luxury accommodation to the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. This wonderful architecturally designed lodge is ideally set near the heart of the Great Ocean Road amongst the native forest.


The contemporary private accommodation has been built with sensitivity to the local landscape and the stunning use of light and space brings a touch of the outdoors inside. After a fantastic night’s sleep you’ll wake up to the sight of kangaroos feeding outside of your bedroom window!


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