Wilsons Prom’s Squeaky Beach wins top gong

Feb 05, 2024

Gippsland’s very own Squeaky Beach has just been named at No.1 in Tourism Australia’s annual list of Australia’s Top 10 Beaches!


This is the first time a Victorian beach has been named at No.1 – with the top spot usually going to NSW or Queensland.

Situated in the glorious Wilsons Promontory National Park and enclosed by massive granite boulders at both ends, Squeaky Beach earns its distinctive name thanks to the famous white quartz sand that squeaks beneath your feet as you stroll along.


And if you want to know just how ‘squeaky’ Squeaky Beach is join us on our 3-day Wilsons Promontory pack-free guided walk.

At the southernmost tip of Australia lies the spectacular peninsula of Wilsons Promontory National Park. Covering over 50,000 hectares this National Park is a landscape of rugged granite mountains, lush rainforests, pristine beaches and stunning coastline.


Fringing the coastline also lies the Wilson Promontory Marine National Park which protects a network of underwater rocky reefs, colourful sponge gardens as well as offshore islands that support colonies of fur seals and penguins.

This 3-day walk has been carefully designed so you can experience a range of landscapes in the National Park from the mountains to the sea.


On land, you will enjoy a range of walking experiences discovering the spectacular landscapes of the north, west and east. We will also explore the Marine National Park by boat, to fully appreciate its beauty and grandeur.

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