Why I Sign Up For Goals That Scare The Sh*t Out Of Me

Sep 25, 2020

By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick at Wild Women On Top and Coastrek

People often ask why I sign up for big, hairy, audacious adventures. Do I like pain and suffering? Do I hate showers so much? Am I simply an adrenaline junkie who loves living out of my comfort zone?

No. In fact, it’s the opposite.

It’s about pleasure. It’s about magic moments. It’s about living a life that has thrills, as well as spills.

Over the past six months, I’ve learned a lot. But one of the biggest things this pandemic has highlighted is the importance of adventure.

Without big goals that scare me, I’m not motivated to get out of bed for a hike or bike before sunrise. If I don’t have to haul my body up a cliff on my next holiday, I’ll enjoy that extra tub of ice cream, thank you.

Adventure goals keep me inspired and motivated to be my healthiest, fittest self.

But what this year has taught me is that they don’t need to be massive, overseas adventures. They don’t need to be goals that are a year in the making. Mini goals and local adventures work just as well… if they get you out of your comfort zone.

And it’s the same for the rest of life. Whether it’s finding love, starting a business, applying for your dream job, buying a house or climbing a mountain, a challenging adventure motivates you to turn obstacles into opportunities.

This is the principle behind using the ‘Adventure Mindset’ to drive motivation, not just to move more but to achieve anything in life that’s challenging.

Back in our cavewoman days, we were motivated to move a lot to find food and escape from danger. 

In nature, every day was an adventure of survival. The paleo woman didn’t choose adventure, it chose her. Finding food, water and shelter motivated her to run, climb, leap, bend, bound, think, plan, innovate and thrive, making her healthy, happy and exhilarated.

But now, most of us are too busy, too tired, too full, or too frantic to move. We think exercise is hard, sweaty, painful, boring, expensive or just plain yuck. A desire for wellness or weight loss isn’t enough to motivate most of us to move and puff regularly. It wasn’t for me either.

Adventure no longer chooses us, but we can choose to choose IT.

Active adventure motivates us to get outside, to get moving, to eat nourishing food and to feel exhilaration without the drudgery of diets, the torture of training and the guilt of time out.

Like playtime at school, adventure engages fun before fitness. But the result is the same. Active adventures in nature improve fitness, health, happiness, sleep, memory, immunity and longevity while reducing stress, rumination, heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, anxiety and depression.

You don’t have to climb Mt Everest to feel adventure’s results and benefits. Just going outside and climbing a tree works wonders.

Physical activity in nature is not only healthier, it’s also a time-efficient way to get a mind, body and spirit workout. Playing with the kids in the park, walking along the beach with your buddy or hiking with friends in the forest builds power while reducing stress. It provides both the yang and the yin, the social and the meditative. Fitness in nature is healthy on the deepest level. For busy women, it’s a winner.

For me the ‘Adventure Mindset’ has been both the motivator and the recipe for having a life I love, with people I love, while doing good. It will be the same for you, as it is for tens of thousands of women across the planet who have discovered the power of adventure.

If you’re looking for a mini-goal to help motivate you to move, join Di and our amazing community for the Stayin’ Wild Challenge! It’s a 28-day wellbeing program designed to help you make walking a daily habit.

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