Who’s up for the Tassie Multi Walks Challenge!

Jun 07, 2018

One of the things about Tasmania is its incredible contrast in walking experiences. The Apple Isle has it all – but how do you experience it all?

One way would be by doing a couple of Life’s An Adventure walks back-to-back or as we like to call it: The Tassie Multi Walks Challenge – because, you know, it always sounds better when you add a ‘challenge’ on the end of something!

On the Three Capes walk

So what are the Tassie walks and what do they offer?

Three Capes walk – spectacular coastline with dramatic sea cliffs

Tarkine wilderness – magnificent rainforest, endless coastline and ancient mountains

Bruny Island – towering cliffs, eucalypt forest and pure white beaches

Cradle Mountain – awe-inspiring mountain scenery and alpine lakes

Freycinet & Wineglass Bay– stunning granite mountains and turquoise waters

Flinders Island – granite rock hopping, uncrowded rainforest and endless beaches

Lake Pedder – remote south west wilderness

(For more of Life’s An Adventure’s Tassie walks click here)

And of course, all of these walks are pack-free, with excellent accommodation and first-class meals!

So on the Tassie Multi Walks Challenge you could go from three days walking the Bay of Fires then a couple of days later find yourself exploring the magnificent Flinders Island OR after a three-day Freycinet walk you could be resting up for a day or two then enjoying another pack free walk, this one around Lake Pedder.

Considering a back-to-back tour will not only extend your walking holiday – and what’s not to like about that! – but you’ll get a better sense of the sheer beauty of the Apple Isle. You’ll come home knowing Tasmania more than you ever thought.

You’ll also become part of Life’s An Adventure’s Frequent Walkers Program which will get you discounts on future walks and complimentary outdoor gear.

3 day walk Bruny Island Tasmania
3 day walk Bruny Island Tasmania

Facing the Challenge!

Here are some possible back-to-back walks you could consider – and as always, speak to the helpful people at Life’s An Adventure for more info on logistics, trip availability and rates.

October 2018

9th-11th Three Capes Walk THEN 12th-14th Bruny Island

22nd-24th Tarkine Wilderness THEN 26th-28th Cradle Mountain 3-day OR 26th-29th Cradle Mountain 4-day

November 2018:

8th-10th Bay of Fires THEN 12th-16th Flinders Island

9th-11th Bruny Island THEN 12th-14th Three Capes walk

12th-14th Three Capes walk THEN 16th-18th Freycinet

16th-18th Bay of Fires THEN 19th-21st Tarkine Wilderness

December 2018

13th-15th Freycinet THEN 16th-18th Lake Pedder

13th-15th Three Capes walk THEN 16th-18th Lake Pedder

And finally January 2019

3rd-5th Freycinet THEN 7th-9th Lake Pedder

4th-6th Three Capes THEN 7th-9th Lake Pedder

7th-9th Lake Pedder THEN 11th-13th Three Capes

11th-13th Three Capes THEN 14th-16th Maria Island

11th-13th Three Capes THEN 14th-16th Bruny Island

14th-16th Bruny Island THEN 18th-20th Three Capes

14th-16th Freycinet THEN 18th-20th Three Capes

18th-20th Bay of Fires THEN 21st-23rd Tarkine

If you want to look at future dates simply contact Head Office (walks@lifesanadventure.com.au / 02 9975 4553) and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

Happy walking!

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