Dec 19, 2019

With its pink-orange granite mountains and breathtaking coastline, Freycinet National Park is one of the oldest national parks and most visited places in Tasmania.

Life’s An Adventure’s three-day Freycinet guided walk not only lets you experience this iconic piece of wilderness, but you also stay in deluxe accommodation at Freycinet Lodge – and if you thought it couldn’t get any better how’s this!?

‘Each coastal pavilion is beautifully designed.’

Clients on the pack-free guided walk can upgrade from Freycinet Lodge‘s comfortable one-bedroom cabins to the luxurious Coastal Pavilion.

Boasting a king bed configuration, outdoor bathtub, separate living area and expansive deck, Coastal Pavilion is the lap of luxury you deserve after a day on the trail.

‘This inside of a coastal pavilion.’

Each of the pavilions face the coastline offering unique views and orientations.

Design inspiration for the pavilions is drawn from the fluid forms of the nearby bays and coastal granite rock formations, while paying homage to the character of the national park they nestle into.

‘Coastal Pavilions blend in with the environment.’

This is an immersive accommodation experience within Freycinet National Park that you won’t forget!

‘A picture says a thousand words!

Imagine after a long day of the track having a bath on your secluded wrap-around deck, watching the sun go down and sipping wine whilst listening to your own music through the portable Bose speaker. Say no more!

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click here –  and for all other info on the guided walk click here.


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