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7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

7 day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena, Italy

A Pack Free guided 7-day highlights walk

Embark on a truly spectacular walking journey along the historic ‘Camino to Rome,’ also known as the Via Francigena, and immerse yourself in a sensory feast for the senses. This remarkable adventure traces the footsteps of pilgrims who, for centuries, traversed the path from England to the sacred city of Rome. Our focus lies on the most breathtaking stretch through Tuscany, leading us from the captivating walled city of Lucca to the enchanting town of Viterbo near Siena, Italy.

But this journey is more than just a walking tour. It is a complete immersion into the flavours and traditions that make this region famous. Indulge in unforgettable culinary experiences, relishing in the delectable food and renowned wines that Tuscany has to offer. Luxuriate in superb accommodation including a castle, participate in a hands-on Tuscan cooking class, engage in the excitement of truffle hunting, and delight in wine tastings that will leave your palate craving for more. As you traverse the picturesque landscapes, you’ll be captivated by the rolling hills of vineyards, enchanting woodlands, and protected nature reserves that grace your path. Discover the allure of charming hilltop villages and explore the rich history of magnificent World Heritage towns such as Lucca, with its well-preserved walls, the iconic medieval towers of San Gimignano, and the splendid beauty of Siena. This is truly a journey of a lifetime, where every step reveals new wonders, every taste ignites your senses, and every moment leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Join us on this remarkable adventure along the Via Francigena through Tuscany and create memories that will forever resonate within you.

Each day is flexible allowing our guests to opt-out of any day’s walking and travel with our host guide to explore the local towns.


A Pack Free Walk

Carry as little as your water, camera and lunch

This walk is designed as a Pack Free walking allowing our guests to enjoy the landscapes they walk, without the burden of carrying a heavy pack. After all, walks should be enjoyed not endured. Each day our guests will walk with a small day pack big enough to carry your lunch, water and camera and your bags will be transported to your accommodation each day.


Wow-amazing Inclusions

Winery visits, cooking classes, truffle hunting and more

This tour offers more than just walking; it has been meticulously designed to enhance your journey through Italy. In addition to walks, you will have the opportunity to indulge in various enriching experiences. Guests will enjoy a visit to a charming local winery, engage in truffle hunting adventures, and savour the delights of an authentic Italian cooking class followed by a delectable dinner in a locals home.


Fabulous meals featuring local wines

and regional specialities

Dinner together will be a highlight of our tour. Indulge in the culinary delights of Italy as you savour fabulous Italian wine and delectable cuisine throughout your tour, immersing yourself in a gastronomic journey that showcases the country’s rich flavors and traditions. From exquisite Tuscan wines to mouthwatering pasta dishes and authentic regional specialties, every meal becomes a celebration of Italy’s vibrant food culture.


Flexible walking

Choose a shorter walk or take the day off and explore the towns

Our tours are thoughtfully crafted to provide flexibility in walking options. Each day, you have the choice to embark on the main walking itineary, a shorter walk or opt out of walking and enjoy extra time for a leisurely exploration of the charming local towns, allowing you to customize your experience based on your preferences and energy levels.


Tuscanian Hotel Lucca or similar


Nestled within the enchanting city of Lucca, we stay at the charming 4-star Tuscanian hotel which resides in the very heart of this historic destination. With a delightful blend of exceptional services, welcoming staff, and refined accommodations, we ensure a memorable stay for our guests. Situated in a serene locale, our elegant hotel occupies a historic 17th-century building. Spanning three floors, it gracefully overlooks a tranquil inner courtyard and one of Lucca’s bustling main streets.


Villa Petriolo or similar


Experience the epitome of luxury at Villa Petriolo, an enchanting Italian villa nestled in the rolling hills of Cerreto Guidi. Spanning over 160 hectares, this grand estate offers a breathtaking panorama that stretches as far as the eye can see. Indulge your senses in the culinary delights of Villa Petriolo’s remarkable restaurants, where skilled chefs meticulously craft exquisite dishes. After a day of exploration, unwind and rejuvenate by taking a refreshing dip in the inviting pool, perfectly situated amidst the stunning scenery.


Hotel La Collegiata, San Gimignano or similar


Hotel La Collegiata, originally a Franciscan convent constructed in 1587, is situated on the outskirts of San Gimignano. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of the Sienese Renaissance as you step into the rooms, adorned with furnishings that reflect the grandeur of the era’s palaces. Unwind and rejuvenate during a leisurely afternoon at the hotel’s expansive pool.  Hotel La Collegiata provides an enchanting experience where guests can bask in the beauty of the past while enjoying modern comforts and amenities.


Borgi San Luigi or similar


Borgo San Luigi offers a truly bespoke experience, perfectly tailored to your needs. This expansive oasis spans across 60,000 square meters, providing ample space and hidden nooks to nourish your soul. Indulge in the pleasure of sipping exquisite beverages by our semi-Olympic swimming pool, meander through the enchanting woods that envelop the estate, or enjoy a game of tennis on our private court.

Palazzo Borghesi

Palazzo Borghesi Residenza d'Epoca or smiliar

Siena, Italy

Nestled in the heart of Siena’s historic center, Residenza d’Epoca Palazzo Borghesi is surrounded by a captivating tapestry of palaces, churches, museums, and remarkable monuments. This extraordinary location immerses guests in the rich heritage and cultural treasures of the city. Each of its six elegant rooms, exudes its own unique character and charm. Within these elegant spaces, the blend of sophistication and allure is enhanced by the magnificent 5-meter vaulted ceilings adorned with enchanting frescoes.


Feature Castle Stay at Castello di Velona Resort


Perched majestically atop a hill, Castello di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery is a captivating historical property. Originally a fortified fortress dating back to the 11th century, this magnificent structure has been meticulously renovated to offer a unique and luxurious experience. Nestled in the picturesque region of Tuscany, the castle commands panoramic views of the entire Val d’Orcia with endless rows of olive trees and vineyards.


Superb Local Guide and Australian Guide

Delivering a world-class tour

Guides are essential in delivering the ultimate walking experience. You’ll be accompanied by a local guide who has a passion and enthusiasm for the area and a second host guide, one of our experienced Senior Guides from Australia who will accompany you for the entire trip ensuring we deliver a world-class walk up to our high standards.


Personalised Tours

Our tours offer an intimate and personalized experience, ensuring small group sizes with a maximum of 12 people. If you have a larger group, please reach out to us for further information and arrangements tailored to your specific needs.




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Why Choose Us

Tour Itinerary

7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

Your 7 day walking holiday includes:

  • Pack Free fully supported walk with no heavy packs to carry
  • 1 night accommodation at The Tuscanian Hotel, Lucca or similar
  • 1 night accommodation at Villa Petriolo, Fucechio or similar
  • 1 night accommodation at La Collegiata, San Gimignano or similar
  • 1 night accommodation at Borgo San Luigi, Isola or similar
  • 1 night accommodation at Palazzo Borghesi Residenza d’Epoca, Siena or similar
  • 1 night accommodation at Castello di Velona Resort or similar
  • Cooking Class in the home of a local
  • Truffle Hunting and lunch
  • Wine tasting
  • 7 x delicious lunches
  • 6 x superb dinners every evening featuring local produce
  • Complimentary wines with evening meals
  • 6 x breakfasts
  • Professional and passionate guides (1 local and 1 from Australia)
  • Transfer from Florence to the start of the walk
  • Luggage transported to your accommodation each day
  • Flexible walking options or sightseeing each day
Day 1: Arrival Day. Transfer from Florence to Valpromaro. Walk Valpromaro to Lucca
7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

Guests will need to organise their own flights to Italy the day prior to the tour. 

SUGGESTED PRE-TOUR ACCOMMODATION:Hotel Cerretani Florence- M Gallery Collection

Meet our representative in Florence at 7.30am in the foyer of the Hotel Cerretani Florence- M Gallery Collection from here we transfer (35 mins drive) to Valpromaro where our walk to Lucca begins. Our journeys starts in the small village of Valpromaro in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains. Walk through quite woodlands towards the picturesque village of Piazzano. We eventually make our way along the banks of the river Serchio into Lucca, a well-preserved Renaissance walls that circle the city. It’s hard not to fall in love with Lucca with its medieval cityscape of impressive square and narrow charming cobblestone streets. This charming historic city is known as the the city of a hundred churches as well as the home of ceramics due to its many pottery shops. We make our way to our accommodation for the night at the Tuscanian Hotel or smilar a charming 4 star hotel built in the 17th century in the heart of the city. Enjoy the afternoon to relax and wander around Lucca at your own pace, visit the city ramparts of explore the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, the site of an ancient Roman amphitheatre. In the early evening immerse yourself in a charming cooking class in a local home, where the warm and inviting atmosphere sets the stage for a memorable experience. Donning an apron, you’ll engage in hands-on preparation of authentic Tuscan pasta, guided by the charming Silvia who will share her knowledge and techniques. Once the cooking is complete, sit down with your fellow passengers to savour the fruits of your labour. The laughter and joy that fill the table will create lasting memories of your Tuscan cooking class in Lucca.

Day 2: Walk Altopascio to Fucecchio
7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

Walk 14kms. Hours 3.5 hours.   Ascent 100m. Descent 100m. Optional shorter walks available.

After breakfast we by-pass the walk’s surburban roads on a short 20 minute transfer to Altopascio. The walled village of Altopascio which looks like a fortress was founded in the 11th Century and was once the home of the Knights of Tau that offered refuge for weary travellers. It offers a charming place to start our adventure as we walk through the town admiring the architecture before venturing into open countryside. You’ll pass through quaint villages and hamlets, where time seems to stand still. Take the opportunity to greet friendly locals, who may be tending to their gardens or enjoying a leisurely chat in the shade. The path continues though the Cerbaie Woods walking though enchanting forests of Oaks, Firs and Alders. Arriving in Fucecchio, you’ll find a town steeped in history and culture. Take a moment to explore the narrow alleys, uncovering hidden corners and admiring the architectural wonders of the past. The atmosphere is filled with a sense of tranquility and authenticity, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of this Tuscan gem. Enjoy lunch at a local café in the town before transferring to our accommodation at the stunning Villa Petriolo or similar overlooking hills of scenic vineyards. Enjoy some downtime taking in the tranquil oasis of the villa before embarking on a captivating truffle hunting adventure in the enchanting woodland near San Minato, known for its hidden treasures. Accompanied by experienced truffle hunters traverse the forest trails, inhaling the earthy scents that waft through the air. Learn about the different types of truffles, their seasonality, and the techniques used to locate them. After a successful hunt, revel in the satisfaction of your discovery and enjoy a well-deserved tasting session, where you’ll savour the complex flavours and intoxicating aromas of these prized delicacies. We return to our accommodation where you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the villa’s inviting pool. Indulge in a delectable dinner served with the finest local wines, perfectly complementing the flavours of Tuscany.

Day 3: Walk Gambassi Terme to San Gimignano
7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

Walk 13.4kms. Hours 3.5 hours. Medium. Ascent 350. Descent 350m. Optional shorter walks available.

We enjoy breakfast before farewelling the charming Villa Petriolo, as we head to Gambassi to start our walk (45 mins). Today’s walk is rated as one of the most beautiful as it takes us from Gambassi Terme to the magnificent hilltop town of San Gimignano. Gambassi Terme is a town known for its thermal baths and picturesque surrounds. The approximately 13.4-kilometres journey takes you along peaceful country roads and winding paths, offering breathtaking views of vineyards, olive groves, and rolling hills. As you walk, take in the fragrant scents of the Tuscan landscape and listen to the harmonious sounds of nature. Approaching San Gimignano, you’ll be enchanted by the town’s distinctive skyline, dominated by its medieval towers. The UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts an impressive collection of ancient towers, providing a glimpse into its storied past. As you enter the town, you’ll pass through the old city walls and step into a world frozen in time. Wander through San Gimignano’s charming streets, lined with well-preserved medieval buildings, artisan workshops before stopping for lunch in the town. The remainder of the afternoon is yours to wander through the streets of San Gimingnano or head to the hotel for a swim and relaxation. Our accommodation this evening is a tthe magnficinet La Collegiata with sweeping views of the surround valley and of the towers of San Gimignano. Tonight we will dine in a local restaurant in the heart of San Gimignano enjoying a wonderful dinner served with local wines.

Day 4: Walk Baida A Coneo to Abbadia A Isola - Monteriggioni Castle
7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

Walk 16kms. Hours 4 hours. Medium. Ascent 100m. Descent 100m. Optional shorter walks available.

After bidding farewell to San Gimignano, we relish a delightful breakfast at our hotel before embarking on our journey to Badia A Coneo. This picturesque village welcomes us with its enchanting 12th Century Benedictine Abbey, nestled amidst rolling hills and vineyards. The trail beckons, guiding us through expansive stretches of woodland and open ridges adorned with olive groves. Along the way, we encounter charming hamlets, rustic farmhouses, and ancient stone walls. Pausing for a moment, we indulge in the breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Tuscan countryside, where fields and distant hilltop villages create a captivating patchwork. Continuing our walk, we gradually approach the hidden gem of Abbadia a Isola. Founded in the year 1000, this village flourished around the magnificent structure built on a strip of land rising from the lake. As we draw nearer, the architectural splendour and serene ambiance of Abbadia a Isola captivate our senses. We make our way to the impressive Monteriggioni Castle situated grandly on the top of a hill. Visiting Monteriggioni Castle in Italy is like stepping into a medieval masterpiece, you’ll be captivated by its well-preserved architectural marvels, including the impressive ramparts and battlements that offer breathtaking vistas of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. Afterwards we visit a local vineyard, our visit begins in the vineyards see the grapes up close, afterwards we savour a selction of wines accompanied with cured meats and cheeses. Later we head to our accommodation at the delightful Borgo San Luigi. Tonight savour a delectable dinner accompanied by exquisite Italian wines at our charming hotel.

Day 5: Walk Monterrigioni to Siena
7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel, preparing for an enchanting walk from Monteriggioni to the captivating town of Siena. As you set off, be prepared to be mesmerized by the breathtaking Sienese countryside, adorned with charming hamlets and majestic castles that dot the landscape. Immerse yourself in the serenity of wooded areas embellished with holly, oak, and olive trees, creating a tranquil ambiance. If you prefer a shorter walk, you have the option to walk with the group until lunchtime, and then you’ll be dropped off in Siena to explore this captivating city. For those opting for the longer walk, continue your journey directly into Siena, relishing the scenic route and embracing the charm of the charming villages and rural vistas along the way. Upon arrival in Siena, you’ll be greeted by the awe-inspiring Gothic architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and vibrant piazzas that bring the city to life. Take advantage of the free time to explore the city’s hidden corners, visit iconic landmarks, and soak up the rich cultural heritage. Tonight we stay at Palazzo Borghesi Residenza d’Epoca or similar.

Later in the evening, indulge your taste buds with a delectable dinner, expertly paired with exquisite Italian wines, all within the warm and inviting ambiance of our charming hotel. Reflect on the day’s memorable journey, surrounded by the beauty and allure of Siena’s architectural wonders.



Day 6: Walk Isola d Arbia to Ponte Arbia
7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

After breakfast farewell Siena and embark on a scenic walk from Isola d’Arbia to Ponte d’Arbia, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside. This section of the trail is very particular picturesque with lots of photo opportunities and unlimited views. As you begin your journey, the rolling hills and vineyards create a picturesque backdrop, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The path leads you through charming rural landscapes, dotted with charming farmhouses and fields of golden wheat swaying in the gentle breeze. Along the way, you’ll cross quaint stone bridges over babbling streams, adding to the idyllic ambiance. As you approach Ponte d’Arbia, the charming village greets you with its rustic charm and historic character. Take a moment to explore the village, perhaps visiting the medieval bridge that gives it its name. Afterwards we travel to our accommodation for the night the superb Castello di Velona Resort. This spectacular castle hotel is set high on the hill with spectacular views over the valley of vineyards and groves below. Dine in the restaurant enjoy a gourmet dinner accompanied by wines grown on the grounds

Day 7: Walk Montefiascone to Viterbo - Rome
7 Day Walk Tuscany’s Via Francigena Italy

Following a satisfying breakfast, we bid farewell to the enchanting castle hotel and begin our journey towards Montefiascone. Embark on an exciting walk today that guides you across a vast plain, creating a natural divide between the serene Lake Bolsena and the majestic Cimini Mountains. As you traverse this captivating landscape, you’ll find yourself immersed in the beauty of flourishing vineyards, elegant cypress trees, and picturesque olive groves, each contributing to the enchanting scenery that accompanies your journey towards Viterbo. Along the way, take a well-deserved break at Bagnaccio, a historical site where pilgrims of old would pause to indulge in the rejuvenating ancient thermal baths. Don’t forget to pack your swimming suit, as you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the steamy thermal pools, formed by the natural volcanic hot spring. Remarkably, these thermal baths have retained their allure for over two millennia, offering a glimpse into the bathing rituals of the Romans. After a rejuvenating interlude, continue your exploration towards Viterbo, a walled city of great historical significance. Originally founded by the Etruscans and later embraced by the Romans, Viterbo is one of the prominent towns in Lazio. Take time to wander through the narrow streets of its captivating historic quarter, where every corner reveals traces of the city’s storied past including the ‘Palazzo dei Papi’, also known as the Papal Palace, an architectural gem that stands as a testament to Viterbo’s rich heritage.

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