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Tarkine Wilderness Walk

Tarkine Wilderness walk

4 days. Guided walk with Wow-Mazing Inclusions

With us, walking is only part of the adventure. This is a unique itinerary where you will get to experience all three regions of the Tarkine in one tour,  including the pristine lush emerald-green rainforests, the spectacular coastline and the rugged and dramatic mountains. A highlight of your journey will be a Wow-mazing cruise down the stunning Pieman River to the start of our walk. You learn about local wildlife, history, and culture walking Pack-Free with only a day-pack accompanied by our CEO’s – (Chief Experience Officers).

At night, you’ll relax at the remote Tullah Lodge and Corinna Wilderness Lodge in comfy beds during your time in the Tarkine, and enjoy fabulous local meals and wines too – which are all included. We even have flexible walking options so some days you can walk less or even enjoy a day just relaxing. There are few places left that can be truly described as wild and untouched, but the remote Tarkine is one of these places. This vast 447,000-hectare wilderness area is renowned for its remote waterfalls, stunning myrtle rainforests, pristine rivers, dramatic mountain tops and wild coastline. The Tarkine is one of Tasmania’s greatest treasures. The Tarkine’s size, naturalness and habitat diversity make it an outstanding refuge for native mammals such as the Tasmanian Devil as well as more than 130 different species of birds. It is home to more than 60 rare, threatened and endangered species and is Australia’s largest tract of temperate rainforest.



A Pack Free Walking Experience

Walk with only a small day pack

This walk has been designed so that you can concentrate on walking and avoid struggling with a heavy pack. Each day you will just need to carry a small day pack with your water and lunch leaving you free to enjoy your walk not endure it!


Tullah Lakeside Lodge

1 night stay

Spending a night at Tullah Lakeside Lodge in Tasmania is a tranquil retreat into the heart of nature’s embrace. As twilight descends, the serene ambiance of the lodge is heightened by the gentle lapping of waves against the shores of Lake Rosebery. The lodge’s rustic charm welcomes guests with cozy interiors, offering a perfect blend of comfort and wilderness. Surrounded by the rugged beauty of Tasmania’s wilderness, one can unwind under a blanket of stars, their brilliance mirrored in the calm waters.


Corinna Wilderness Retreat

2 night stay in the wilderness

Our guests will enjoy two nights at the remote Corinna Wilderness Retreat set on the banks of the pristine Pieman River and surrounded by the Tarkine Rainforest. Corinna was once a historical gold mining settlement in the 1800s and as such this remote Resort still has some of the historical buildings of this era. Our guests will stay in the best accommodation in the township in 1 bedroom cottages. These cottages exterior have been designed with original materials to give the look of a shanty town. Whilst the interiors of each cottage are modern and warm with cosy fires, ensuites and individual verandahs where you can sit back and soak up the scenery and atmosphere.

Please note this is an extremely remote region and therefore accommodation and facilities are comfortable but more basic than what you will find in a major city, we have chosen the best accommodation and cabins available in the retreat and region.


Wow-Mazing Inclusions

Cruise to the start of the trail

This tour includes a Wow-mazing cruise. During our stay at Corinna we will start day two with a spectacular private cruise down the pristine Pieman River. Glide over the mirror-like water, taking in breathtaking views of both rainforest and river. We disembark once we reach the coast, where we will explore the spectacular and remote Tarkine Coast by foot before returning.

Flexible walking itineraries

Choose what suits you

We offer flexible walking options with easier and more challenging itineraries. For example, on day three choose a walk to stunning Mt Farrell or an easier walk to Montezuma Falls. On day 2 you can opt-out of the day’s walk and simply relax around the lodge.


Personalised tours

Small groups

We keep our group sizes small and personalised, we find this delivers more personalised service, a great social environment and has less impact on the environment.


Our CEO's

Chief Experience Officers

We refer to our guides as CEOs – Chief Experience Officers whose aim is to deliver you a world-class walk. We pride ourselves on employing a talented team of passionate CEOs with an enthusiasm for their homeland. They are committed to your safety and have a genuine desire to provide an enriching and memorable walking experience.


Tasmanian produce served with local wines

Hearty meals after an energetic day

Our meals will be a special time to gather together as a group and chat and laugh about the day’s adventures. Each evening will be spent in the charming restaurant at the Corinna Wilderness Retreat where you can dine on modern cuisine featuring local produce, perfectly matched with wonderful Tasmanian wine.

Enjoy hearty dinners in the Corinna Wilderness Retreat’s Tannin Restaurant each evening. The restaurant features locally sourced produce. Meals are perfectly matched with Tasmanian wines included in the cost of your walk. Below you will find a typical menu.


  • Crusty cob loaf, wild herb & roasted garlic butter/bush tomato chutney
  • Soup of the day with hot crusty bread
  • Tasmanian chilli jam scallops w Asian greens
  • Vegetarian spring rolls w lime & honey soy dipping sauce
  • Salt & Pepper Squid w spicy plum sauce
  • Tassie beef salad w coriander, lime, lemongrass and palm sugar


  • Sharman’s 300gr Scotch fillet steak w béarnaise sauce, chips & salad
  • Pine Lodge crusted lamb chops w mountain pepper berry, roasted herbs, fries and tossed green salad.
  • Curry of the day served with rice, yoghurt, chutney & roti bread
  • Grilled Flathead dusted in lemon myrtle w salad and fries
  • Gazza’s Sri Lankan inspired garlic prawns stack


21 Tourism Awards of Excellence

including Australia's Best Adventure Tourism Company.

Life’s an Adventure have won 21 Tourism Awards of Excellence including the Qantas Australian Tourism Award for Australia’s Best Adventure Company. But our biggest accolade which we value even more, is that our clients come back and travel with us time and time again.


Genuinely all-inclusive

Our walks are a genuinely all-inclusive experience, when you pay for your walk there is nothing more to pay for on tour. When comparing other companies make sure you look at all the inclusions carefully. On this walk, we’ll stay in 1 bedroom cottage with ensuites ensuring you’re not sharing a bathroom with multiple members of the group. All our meals are included with dinners served in the restaurant every night and accompanied by wonderful Tasmanian wines.

NO Credit card fees apply.


NEW Flexiwalk Add-On

Cancel for any reason option

FlexiWalk is a new optional Add-On that allows passengers to cancel their tour last minute and not be penalised. Exclusively designed by Life’s An Adventure, this product gives our guests certainty in a time of uncertainty. Click here to find out more details

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Are you interested in this tour?

Tour Itinerary

Tour Inclusions
Tarkine Wilderness Walk

This is a genuinely all-inclusive tour with no hidden extras:


  • Private cruise down the serene Pieman River to the start of our Tarkine Coastal walk and return


  • Pack-Free guided walk
  • Flexible walking options to suit you.


  • 1 night at beautiful Tullah Lakeside Lodge
  • 2 nights in 1 bedroom cottages at Corinna Wilderness Retreat with ensuite


  • All dinners include wonderful Tasmanian wine.
  • 2 course dinner at Tullah Lakeside Lodge
  • 2 x a la carte dinners in the restaurant at Corinna Wilderness Retreat
  • Breakfast at Tullah Lakeside Lodge
  • 2 x breakfasts at Corinna
  • 3 x walkers lunches
  • Trail mix to enjoy during your walk
  • Tea, coffee and hot chocolate on the trail


  • 3 days walking through all facets of the Tarkine region including rainforest, coastline and mountains


  • Transfers to and from Launceston, as well as to the trail each day.
  • Professionally guided – Our CEO’s – Chief Experience Officers are locals who are passionate, well trained and enthusiastic with the ability to bring to life a depth of information
Day 1: Arrival Day - Sheffield - Tullah Lakeside walk
Tarkine Wilderness Walk

MEET TIME: 1.00pm meet time at the Grand Chancellor Launceston.

WALK: Short 2km lakeside walk.

ITINERARY: Guests will be picked up by our guides at 1.00pm from the Grand Chancellor in Launceston. We depart Launceston travelling west where we will make a brief stop en route in Sheffield, known as the “Town of Murals,” which offers a glimpse into Tasmania’s vibrant arts scene, where walls are adorned with colourful depictions of local history and culture. From here we continue on to Tullah the gateway to the Tarkine, here the scenery transitions into a wilderness of untamed beauty. Arriving at Tullah, we enjoy a short lakeside walk, meandering past the tranquil shores of beautiful Lake Rosebery. With each step, the symphony of nature crescendos – the rustle of leaves, the gentle ripple of water, and the distant call of native birds. As the sun sets, the Lakeside Lodge emerges like a sanctuary amidst the wilderness, promising a night of serenity. We spend the night at the charming Tullah Lakeside Lodge. Enjoy a hearty meal in the hotel restaurant, accompanied by Tasmanian wine.

PLEASE NOTE: When booking your own flights into Launceston ensure your flight arrives no later than 11am to allow for any unexpected delays. After arrival into Launceston make your own way to the Hotel Grand Chancellor to meet our guides in the foyer of the hotel. Please ensure you eat lunch before meeting us this day.

Day 2: Tarkine Mountains - Mt Farrell
Tarkine Wilderness Walk

WALK GRADE: Main walk – 5 hours walking. 8kms. Grade: Moderate to Difficult. Steeply inclined mountain walking.

FLEXIBLE WALKING OPTION: An easier 3 hours walk is also available today

TERRAIN:  Steeply inclined mountain walking. Rocks and fallen trees to negotiate. Can be slippery with occasional muddy sections. Easy rock scramble near the summit of Mt Farrell. Easier option – Mostly flat walking on a formed trail. Can be slippery with occasional muddy sections.

MAIN WALK ITINERARY: After breakfast we head out to our walk which is very close to the lodge. The walk ascends steeply through forests into the alpine environment and the summit of Mt Farrell. As you ascend, be prepared to be captivated by panoramic sweeping vistas of untamed forests, sweeping valleys, and distant mountain ranges that stretch over the Tarkine, down the west coast and inland to Cradle Mountain. Traverse winding trails adorned with native flora and fauna, immersing yourself in the pristine beauty of Tasmania’s wilderness. After our walk we transfer to Corinna for the next 2 nights at the charming Corinna Wilderness Resort. Corinna was once a historical gold mining settlement in the 1800s and as such this remote Resort still has some of the historical buildings of this era. Our guests will stay in the best accommodation in the township in 1 bedroom cottages. Take a well-deserved break before indulging in a hearty meal accompanied by fine wine at the esteemed Tannin Restaurant.

Tarkine Wilderness Guided Pack-Walk - Day 3

Day 3: Private Boat Transfer Pieman River - Tarkine Coast Track
Tarkine Wilderness Walk

WALK GRADE: 6 hours walking. 13kms. Good level of fitness required. Grade: Moderate.

TERRAIN: Mainly flat walking, no inclines. Some walking on sand, rock hopping and formed trails.

WALK ITINERARY: After breakfast, we join our private boat transfer down the pristine Pieman River to enjoy a truly personal experience with river and rainforest. This river is engulfed by stunning rainforest with mirror-like reflections at every turn. Our boat transfer drops us off at the edge of the forest, where the river spills into the sea. From here we head north to the coastline to do a section of the ‘Tarkine Coast Track’. This Coastline is one of the world’s wildest and most spectacular stretches of coastline. Looking out to sea, you would need to travel 2/3 of the entire globe before you reached land again in South America. This spot is like nothing you have ever seen; marvel at the huge surf driven by the roaring 40s, coastal meadows and rocky headlands. Sea eagles, Tasmanian Devils, wombats and seabirds all make this wild coastline their home. Late afternoon we return to our accommodation at the Corinna Wilderness Lodge for a relaxing dinner in the Tannin Restaurant and to chat about today’s adventures.

*Please note dependant on weather conditions if they are not favourable the captain of the boat may choose to travel in a southerly direction and the walk will not be as advertised .

Tarkine Wilderness Guided Pack-Walk - Day 2

Day 4: Tarkine Forests
Tarkine Wilderness Walk

WALK GRADE: Morning walk: 6.8kms. 3.5 -4 hours. Grade: Moderate Walk. Elevation 311m. Some short steep sections. Shorter walking option also available.
Afternoon walk: 2kms. 1.5 hours. Grade: Easy Walk. Includes a 210 step-staircase down to the waterfall viewing platform

WALK ITINERARY: After breakfast, we walk straight out of our accommodation for our walk through beautiful, cool, quiet, temperate rainforest. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of the river area, adorned with vibrant ferns and majestic tall trees, evoking a sense of enchantment. As we traverse the trail, be captivated by the allure of moss-covered trees, diverse fungi, adding to the trail’s allure. This extended hike seamlessly combines the elements of river, forest, hill, and a secluded pontoon to take in the tranquility. Finishing this walk we’ll jump on the bus to transfer 1hr to the Philosopher Falls walk. This scenic 2km walk sends us down to a multi-tiered waterfall where we’ll learn about James “Philosopher” Smith, the man who changed the fortunes of the entire state of Tasmania. Following our two great walks today, you will then be transferred 2.5hrs back to Launceston to complete the tour.

ARRIVAL TIME: We arrive back into Launceston at approximately 6.30-7pm. Note: our guides are happy to drop guests off directly at the airport, en route back into Launceston. If booking flights please do not book before 8.00pm

Save the Tarkine
Tarkine Wilderness Walk

It is astonishing that we still need to campaign to save Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness in the second decade of the 21st century. But we do. The threats are real and current: some Eucalypts and rainforest coupes are to be logged in the next three years, 95% of the region is subject to mineral exploration permits and, off-road vehicles continue to destroy fragile coastal aboriginal sites with nobody held to account. To see how you can help. Click on the link below to the “Save the Tarkine”. You can sign up to get involved and find out how you can help save this unique and threatened landscape.


Extract above taken from Bob Brown Foundation Tarkine Trails.



Photos above courtesy of Tasmanian Tourism and the following photographers Alice Hansen, Graham Freeman, Rob Burnett, Mountain Peak photography.
.. and the resultCustomer Testimonials
Loved the Tarkine walk and can’t recommend Glenn and Janaya highly enough. Glenn’s knowledge and history of not only the local area but history in general was very insightful. Janaya and Glenn were fantastic hosts and very organized throughout the trip, no request was too much trouble or inconvenience for them. Accommodation and meals at the Lodge were spot on and the variety of choices for breakfast and snacks were great.

Tarkine WildernessPackage details

We had a wonderful time on our Tarkine Hiking Trip. Our guides were excellent. They supported us all the way and made sure everyone was comfortable with the hikes. Glen and Tim shared their extensive knowledge on the region's flora, fauna and history. I would highly recommend this trip and will look out for other tours run by Life's An Adventure. 10/10

Tarkine WildernessPackage details

Fabulous! If I could rate our guides 100 out of 10, I would. Thanks Janaya and Glen!.

Tarkine WildernessPackage details

Thankyou for an amazing holiday. Guides Talia and Bec were absolutely fantastic as hosts and their knowledge provided a deeper appreciation of this beautiful region. Loved the varied walks shared with a fabulous group, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Tarkine WildernessPackage details

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