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Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

A 5 day Pack-Free walk

Situated just off the south-east coast of Tasmania, Bruny Island is home to stunning coastal scenery, with soaring dolerite cliffs and impossibly long stretches of pure sand.  Added to this are magical pockets of temperate rainforest hidden atop the mountain peaks.  Beyond the natural majesty, the human history of Bruny Island is almost unbelievable, the wildlife unique and prodigious, and the boutique local foods impeccable and well-known across Australia.  An island off an island off an island, Bruny is one of the jewels of the south.



Follow our Walking APP

Exclusive to Life's An Adventure

Exclusively designed by Life’s An Adventure, the Self-Guided Walking Tours will be more than just a set of track notes on your smartphone. This fully interactive Self-Guided Walking App includes easy-to-follow walking notes with gps tracking, photos at track junctions and points of interest en-route, as well as information about the natural environment. The app will give average walking times, distances for each section and even optional side-trips as well as short and long options for each day’s walk.

As well as having the walking app on their phone, customers will be given the information on the google map platform, so each waypoint on each walk will be triggered when they arrive at that point, whether it be a fork in the track or point of interest. This gives real-time feedback so customers know they are where they think they are!  On top of this, customers receive a good, old-fashioned hard copy of each day’s track notes.


Pack Free Self Guided Walk

Carry as little as your water, camera and lunch

Our self-guided walks are Pack-Free. We take care of all your transfers to the trail as well as the transport of your luggage allowing you to walk with just a day pack.


Personal Emergency Beacon

For extra safety

Our guests have the option of requesting an emergency personal locator beacon to take with you when walking. This extra safety feature will be peace of mind should the unexpected occur.


Pre-departure On-line meeting

with one of our experienced guides

We offer the service of an online pre-departure meeting with one of the company’s experienced guides to discuss your walk in details. They’ll chat about highlights, any inherent risks, weather forecasts and how to use the EPIRB plus answer any questions you may have.


Private transfers

To the trail

Our self-guided walks include private transfers from Hobart in Tasmania to the start of the trail. Our driver will also transport you to the start of the trail each day. On the final day a transfer will be provided to get you back to Hobart.


Flexibility and Freedom

Discover on your own

Self-guided walking holidays offer flexibility and freedom. Customers can discover places at their own pace. They walk independently but follow detailed walk notes, knowing that the notes have been compiled by one of our experienced guides. The beauty of this is our guides know these tracks inside out. They know the best lookouts, scenic lunch stops, and where to get great photos. During your walk, you have the choice of taking shorter walking days to suit your preference


Local Accommodation

Stay at a beautiful farm in the foothills

Our walking adventure spends 4 nights in a cottage on a beautiful farm situated on 25 acres in the lush foothills of Mount Mangana. With abundant birdlife, idyllic scenery and fluffy nocturnal fauna at your doorstep, you may never wish to leave.

The cottage contains all the amenities of home, with full kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, television, ‘bird bar’, and a combustion heater for those cosy nights.


Superb meals included

featuring really local produce

Much of the delicious food you will be eating from the very property which you will be staying on.  Bruny Island is a cornucopia of different and beautiful foods, and you will get a chance to taste as many as you fit. In addition you will visit the only restaurant on the island to eat with the local from their vast menu of local Bruny Island produce.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for. If required, please give us as much detail as possible when booking.

Self-Guided-walk- Bruny-Island-Tasmania

See the local attractions

after your walks

As you traverse between the many walks on the island, you will have the chance to stop at a number of foodie paradises: The Bruny Island House of Whiskey; Get Shucked Oysters; Bruny Island Premium Wines; and the Bruny Island Cruise Seafood Restaurant.

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Tour Itinerary

Walk Inclusions
Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

  • Pack free walk – carry as little as your water, lunch and camera each day.
  • A walking APP with GPS coordinates on your walk
  • Return flights from Hobart to Bruny Island
  • Detailed maps and trail notes
  • Optional use of an EPIRB (Personal Emergency Beacon) if required.
  • Transfers to the trail each day
  • 4 x dinners
  • 4 x packed walker’s lunches
  • 1 x sit down lunch
  • 4 x breakfasts
  • Your overnight bags will be transferred
  • Accommodation at a local Farm
  • Fresh fruit, snacks, and trail mix to enjoy during your walk
  • Transfers from Hobart to Bruny Island and return, as well as transfers to and from all your walks.
  • National Park Pass
  • No Credit Card Fees
Day 1: Mount Mangana
Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

TRANSFERS: Morning flight from Hobart to Bruny Island. Afternoon: After your walk your driver will meet you and transfer you to your accommodation.

WALK GRADE: 4.2km return trip.  Easy to follow track up Mount Mangana.  Large roots and stones, like any good bushwalk, but not difficult or technical.  A climb (and later, descent) of 121 metres.  Easy-grade.  Basic fitness required. 2.5 – 3 hours walking, with breaks.

WALK ITINERARY: Make your way to Hobart airport for your included flight to Bruny Island.  Upon arrival on Bruny Island be transferred to the start of your walk. Your walk begins as high as a car can get atop the highest mountain of Bruny Island.  As soon as you enter the trail, even on a sunny day, you will know you have entered into a magical pocket of rainforest, as the sunlight falls away and dapples across the thick forest floor.  A steady,  but relatively gentle climb takes you through slowly up to the peak of Mount Mangana.  As you go you will pass by many endemic Tasmanian temperate rainforest species that are seldom found anywhere but the wet and rugged West Coast.  But here, where rainfall tops one metre a year and cloud cover allows a temperate rainforest micro-climate, you will find them. To see leatherwood (Eucryphia lucida) or celery to pine (Phyllocladus aspleniifolius) growing on the East Coast is something special.  And that is exactly what this walk is: something special. Upon your return to the trailhead, you will meet your driver who will whisk you away to your magical cottage in the foothills of the mountain you just climbed. Tonight enjoy a simple seasonal farmhouse evening meal and soak up the scenery of this pretty farm cottage.

Day 2: Cape Queen Elizabeth
Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

TRANSFERS: 25 minute transfer with your driver to the start of your walk.

WALK GRADE: 12.5km return trip. Easy coastal trail through coastal heath, along a beach and up a bluff or two.  Tide (and personal bravery/eagerness to get wet) dictates which route is taken either way.  Easy-to-Medium grade.  Basic-to-average fitness required.  5 hours walking with breaks.

WALK ITINERARY: After a relaxed breakfast your driver will transfer you to the start of the walk. Today begins with an easy stroll through flat, dry sclerophyll forests, passing two lagoons and climbing into some healthily rooted sand dunes.  Arriving at the beach, you can decide to skirt around the base of Mars Bluff, sidling through chasms, caves and rock arches, as you are dwarfed by the cliffs of the bluff; or clamber up and over the bluff, gaining, with your new height, amazing views out over Adventure Bay.  Continue ambling until you climb up onto the foothills of Cape Queen Elizabeth. Hiking south along the cape, we pass under the boughs of (at least) two endemic Tasmanian eucalypts, through a short-tailed shearwater rookery, keeping an eye on the sky for the pair of white-bellied sea eagles who have a nest nearby, until we clamber onto the top of the cape.  The views across Adventure Bay and up to the Tasman Peninsula are nothing short of amazing, for the relatively small effort undertaken to achieve them. Retracing our steps, maybe stop for a swim in the pristine waters. When the walking is done, your driver will meet you and zip by Get Shucked Oysters, possibly the only drive-thru oyster shop in the world, before heading back to your accommodation. Tonight enjoy a visit to the only restaurant on the island for a truly local experience.

Day 3: Labillardiere Peninsula
Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

TRANSFERS:  After breakfast, your driver will transfer you south 35 minutes to the start of this walk.

WALK GRADE: 18.3km circuit.  Technically easy trail, but can be long and arduous for some.  One hill of just over 100 metres.  Last half is slightly more technical than first half, but still not that tricky.  Decent-to-good fitness required.  5.5 – 7 hours with breaks.

ITINERARY:  After breakfast, your driver will transfer you to the start of the walk. The Labillardiere Peninsula was named after the first person to produce a book on the plants of Australia.  He was a lover of flowers, and flowers is what you will get on this walk.  Beginning strolling along the north-western edge of the peninsula, you will amble through fields of blossoming coastal heath, with wildflowers of every colour on display for most of the year.  After descending the only major hill of just over 100 metres, you arrive on a secluded little beach, perfect for lunch, or a private little swim. As you head down the eastern edge of the peninsula, the habitat will be overtly different from that which you passed in the morning, with the coastal heath being dwarfed by a forest of eucalypts, she-oaks, native cherries and dozens of other woodland species. Upon completion of the circuit, your driver will be there to run you to your idyllic cottage for a well-deserved rest. Tonight enjoyed a relaxed restaurant dinner.

Day 4: East Cloudy Head
Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

TRANSFERS:  A short drive from your cottage. Transfers provide by your driver.

WALK GRADE:  6.5 km circuit.  A short walk, mostly easy, except for one very steep section. The path comes close to sheer cliffs. Open forest for the most part and not too technical.  Steep section = climb of almost 300 metres over 1.7km.  Medium grade.  Average fitness required.  3-3.5 hours.

ITINERARY: After breakfast, your driver will drop you at the start of your walk. Beginning in Cloudy Bay, this walk captures the ruggedness of southern Bruny quite unlike any other walk.  As you walk along the Cloudy Beaches, you will be hemmed in by East and West Cloudy Head, forming an impressive and intimidating frame against the swells filing up from the Great Southern Ocean. The climb up East Cloudy Head will bring you past Beaufort Bay, small, beautiful, and harsh before you enter into remarkably thick coastal heath.  Once you reach the top of the head you will feel a million miles from human civilisation as you look out over the southern extremity of Tasmania.  This walk truly portrays the harshness and the beauty of Mother Nature. After meeting your host back in Cloudy Bay, you will swing via the local winery for a quick wine tasting, before heading back to your comfy abode for a relaxed dinner.

Day 5: Fluted Cape
Self Guided Bruny Island Walk

TRANSFERS:  A quick 4-wheel drive over Mount Mangana will bring you to Adventure Bay and your final walk. Afternoon: Short transfer to Bruny Island airstrip for your return flight to Hobart.

WALK GRADE: 6.5 km circuit.  A short walk, mostly easy, except for one very steep section. The path comes close to sheer cliffs. Open forest for the most part and not too technical.  Steep section = climb of almost 300 metres over 1.7km.  Medium grade.  Average fitness required.  3-3.5 hours.

ITINERARY: After breakfast, your driver will drop you at the start of your walk near Adventure Bay.  Drifting through different eucalypt habitats and she-oak forests, you will arrive at Grass Point and the ruins of an old whaling station.  Just across the way is Penguin Island accessible at low tide and fun to get to via hopping from rock to rock. Climbing up Fluted Cape proper, you are presented with lookout after lookout, as you get higher and higher, the sheer cliffs just metres from your feet both daunting and amazing. When you do arrive at the top, the views north, up the East Coast, are jaw-dropping.  Standing 272 metres above the sea, you are only 30 metres shy of the highest vertical sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere – which you can see from here, up the coast, on the Tasman Peninsula. Cutting back inland through the woodlands, the descent is smooth and easy, bringing you back to East Cove, where you can walk straight into the Bruny Island Cruises’ Seafood Restaurant for lunch.  After lunch, you will meet your driver who will bring you and your luggage to the Bruny Island airstrip for your flight back to Hobart.

Tour Prices

and selecting a date of your choice

With self-guided walks you are able to choose a date of your choice subject to availability.
This is a seasonal walk - the best times to walk are between September and April.

Once you make your booking, it will remain pending until we confirm availability at your accommodation, once this is done we will contact you to make your deposit/payment. Please do not book flights until your walk is confirmed.

$ 3399 /p

First time traveller with Life's An Adventure

5 day walk…………..$3399

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$ 3299 /p

Travelled with Life's An Adventure previously

5 day walk…………..$3299

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$ Xtras /p

Unfortunately due to safety reasons we require a minimum of 2 walkers on our self guided walks.

Additional Information

  • Prices are per person in Australian dollars and include GST.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 per person is required to secure your booking.
  • Note: If you are booking within 90 days of your departure date – we will require full payment at the time of booking
  • Prices are based on twin share of rooms.
  • Payments must be made online via our NAB (National Australia Bank) secure payment page via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or over the phone.
  • NO Credit Card fee applies.
  • Your detailed self-guided kit will be sent to you in the post 6 weeks prior to your walk.
  • Use of a Personal Emergency Beacon (EPIRB) is complementary however a $250 holding deposit will be charged at the time of booking which will be refunded to you after your tour. This deposit will be forfeited if the EPIRB is lost or returned damaged.
  • We advise taking our Travel Insurance to cover items such as cancellation of tour due to adverse weather conditions, injury, evacuation, delayed flights, lost luggage, illness, etc.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Before you book please read our Booking Terms and Conditions. Click here.

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