The more you walk, the more you save!

Feb 20, 2019

Frequent flyer programmes are sooo ten years ago, what you want in this modern age of digital detoxing and getting back to nature is a frequent walkers programme!

Not only would you be clocking up the kilometres exploring an amazing piece of Australia, you’d also be saving money on your next trip.

Life’s An Adventure’s frequent walkers programme starts as soon as you’ve done your second pack-free walking holiday with them. And the other good news is now that Life’s An Adventure offers walks in every state and territory you’ve got plenty of unique destinations to choose from.

Also they’ve just launched their 2019-20 Tassie walking season and if you haven’t been to the Apple Isle yet it’s a bucket list destination.

3 day walk Bruny Island Tasmania
3 day walk Bruny Island Tasmania


“I’m surprised how often I turn up for a tour and at least four or five of the passengers I am greeting are past passengers or repeat offenders,” said Mark Norek CEO of Life’s An Adventure. “That is why I like to give the past passenger a Life’s An Adventure cap. Plus the reward of an extra $100 savings!”

So what are frequent walkers’ benefits I hear you say?

Complete 2-4 Life’s An Adventure walking holidays: Receive a Life’s an Adventure cap on your second tour given to you at start of your walk, plus $100 off your tour.

Complete 5-9 : Receive a Life’s An Adventure day pack on your 5th tour given to you at the start of the walk plus $100 off your tour.

Completed 10+: Receive a free Life’s An Adventure 3-day walking holiday!

Multiple walking holidays in a season: For those booking two or more Life’s An Adventure walking holidays in a season receive an extra $50 off their tour on top of the other discounts listed above.

So the more you walk, the more you save!

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