The art of LAYERING your hiking clothes

Apr 23, 2024

We can guarantee a few things on any of our pack-free guided walks.


We can guarantee you’ll have a great time and experience something wonderful.

We can guarantee you’ll see a part of Australia not everybody sees, and we can guarantee your accommodation, meals and wines will all be first class.

However we can’t guarantee the weather. Even that’s beyond us.


Nina Luong/Unsplash


But we can guarantee you’ll have the information and knowledge to dress appropriately for the outdoors.

And the first part of that is understanding LAYERING, which is basically the order of which you wear your hiking clothes, which sounds pretty common-sense but bear with us.

There are three layers to outdoor clothing:

  • Base layer (underwear layer i.e merino t-shirt): This wicks (takes away) sweat from your skin
  • Middle layer (insulating layer i.e long sleeved shirt ): This retains body heat to protect you from the cold
  • Outer layer (shell layer – waterproof jacket and over trousers): This layer shields you from wind and rain

The idea is that you can remove and put on the second and third layer as you see fit.

Warm and dry weather? You might just need your base layer.
Wet but not cold? Base and outer layer on.
Cold but not wet? Base and middle layer on?
Cold and raining? Calling all layers. Time to get to work!

Want more info? Click on this link to read the layering story on the REI website and/or check out the below video which expands on the idea of layering.


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