Mar 20, 2020

Whilst contemplating your next walking holiday you might be looking for a bit of inspiration – or in these trying times just a bit of light relief – so get comfy on the couch, pour yourself a nice glass of red and check out of these great films about hiking and the great outdoors.

Reece Witherspoon in Wild.

Wild: A great film from a great book about one woman’s journey along the Pacific Crest Trail.

A Walk in the Woods: An adaptation of Bill Bryson’s book (of the same name) about his attempt to walk the Appalachian Trail.

Tracks: Another film adaptation of a famous book, this one is about the true story of a young woman, Robyn Davidson, as she walks across Central Australia with the help of some feisty camels.

The Way: This is a lovely film about a father who decides to complete the Camino De Santiago in Spain for his deceased son.

Edie: Edie is an elderly woman with a dream to hike up one of Scotland’s highest summits but she faces many hurdles.

Downhill: A bunch of old mates try to reclaim their youth by walking Great Britain’s iconic Coast to Coast walk. Hilarity ensues.

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