South Australia’s newest national park turns 1

May 08, 2024

The newest national park in the Flinders Ranges is celebrating its first birthday.


Nilpena Ediacara was officially opened in April last year and is already attracting scores of visitors to experience an unparalleled glimpse into the origins of life itself.


Regarded as the richest, most diverse Ediacaran fossil site on Earth, the park has specimens dating back about 550 million years. The fossil fields represent the earliest evidence of complex life on earth, and provide an understanding of the early evolution of life.

It is also one of several locations included in a bid for the Flinders Ranges to be added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, which would be an incredible feather in South Australia’s cap.


And if you want to explore this amazing part of the state on foot check out our 6-day Flinders Ranges pack-free guided walk.

The Flinders Ranges is a stunning land of contrasts with its striking centre the enormous crater-like amphitheatre known as Wilpena Pound, an impressive 83sq km in overall land area.


This ancient and dramatic landscape features spectacular rocky gorges, towering cliffs, impressive fossil remains and red-weathered peaks over 600 million years old.

This tour has been carefully designed to showcase the highlights and the best walks of the region, including Wilpena Pound, sections of the Heysen Trail, and Brachina Gorge, as well as giving guests the opportunity to learn about the Flinders Ranges epic geological story.

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