Save $300 on any of our Camino walks!

Nov 18, 2022

Experience the very essence of a walking holiday on one of our European Camino walks.


Life’s An Adventure has chosen the most popular routes offering tours from 8 to 18 days (joining 2 or 3 of the options below together), so you can choose your length of pilgrimage travelling from as far as France, or shorter walks across Spain or from Portugal.

And the good news is you can save $300 off any of our Camino walks if you book by 17 Feb 2023!



Walks have been designed specifically for Australians allowing you to maximise your time whilst travelling, walking the best sections, staying in the best accommodation along each route, many historical buildings, which were once monasteries but in modern days have been renovated as Grand Hotels in superb locations.


Along the way you will savour sensational local produce perfectly matched with wines from the region.

Many don’t realise that there is a network of dozens of Camino routes crisscrossing Europe. Traditionally Christian pilgrims in the Middle Ages would travel from their homes, along roads, across mountains and through villages leading to the shrine of the Apostle Saint James the Great, situated in the grand cathedral Sanitago de Compostela in north-western Spain.


In modern days, people follow the route for many reasons, whether that be spiritual, self-reflection, a challenge, to mark a turning point or new phase in their life or to simply soak up the quaint villages and beautiful landscapes along the way, each person will have their own goal.



Our pack-free guided walks allow you to go at your own pace so you can soak up the scenery and atmosphere of these beautiful and ancient paths. Click here for more info. “Buen camino!”

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