Mar 10, 2022


Preparing for one of Life’s An Adventure’s pack-free walks shouldn’t be too hard. The walks aren’t designed to wear you out however clocking up some kays in your local park or bushland prior to your trip will make your mind and body better prepared – and this in turn will make you have a more enjoyable walk.

If you don’t do a lot of exercise then start sloooooowly. Give yourself six weeks to condition your body to walking a reasonable distance on uneven ground.

Start off walking in your local park, say 5km per day. It won’t take long and you’ll quickly feel the positive effects of being outdoors.

After a week or so go walking in bushland and incorporate hills which are great for switching on your core strength and building your aerobic strength.

Also if you’ve recently bought hiking shoes or boots for your trip it will be the perfect opportunity to break them in. And if you plan on using hiking poles – highly recommended, especially for those with dicky knees! – you’ll have the time to practice using them.

Watch the below video if you want to know about the different tYpes of trekking poles.



Watch the below video if you want to know how to use poles?



Each week walk a little longer until you can comfortable walk say 15km without being worn out at the end.

Of course if you have any health issues go see a GP for a check up and further advice prior to your walking holiday.

Also remember most Life’s An Adventure guided walks offer a moderate and soft option so if you’re not keen on a long day on the trail you may have the chance to do a shorter, easier walk. However this depends on where you are, transport etc.

Guide Danny shows guests where they’ll be walking today.


Before you start your day’s walking your Life’s An Adventure guide will give you a break down on the type of terrain you’ll be walking on, the length of the walk and when you’re expected to finish. If there is a shorter, softer option you’ll be told about that too so you can decide which works is best for you.

Happy walking!