Our Tasman Island heli-hike makes the press!

Feb 10, 2023

If you do our 3-day Walk The Three Capes pack-free guided walk, just south of Hobart, an optional extra experience is a heli-hike to Tasman Island.

Recently a journalist for The Australian experienced this heli-hike and loved it!

Tasman Island Helicopter copyright image Richard Bennett

“The visit includes time to stroll around the lighthouse, keepers’ cottages (under various stages of restoration) and surrounds,” writes Matthew Denholm.

“While the island is beautiful, its northern coast also offers jaw-dropping vistas of Cape Pillar and The Blade, a jutting, elevated, thin crest of Jurassic dolerite on mainland Tasmania that forms part of the nation’s tallest sea cliffs.”

Tasman Island Helicopter copyright image Richard Bennett 2

“Our pilot, James, acts as guide and safety officer. Some of the buildings contain asbestos, while remnants of old cliff-face haulage systems are hidden beneath regrown vegetation, waiting to trip the unsuspecting tourist.

“It is a brief, blissful sojourn in another world. The scale of the cliffs and rock formations is overwhelming. Sea eagles are often sighted, so too migrating whales, as well as dolphins and seals,” he writes.

“Groups are limited to four, making the experience not only a fitting reward after three days of hikes but an intimate one. The concept is in keeping with the philosophy of walking tours offered by Life’s An Adventure.”

The heli-hike experience is a great example of the ‘wow’ factor that is included in every Life’s An Adventure pack-free guided walk.

“Every tour we offer throughout Australia has a ‘wow’ experience with a third-party operator,” explains the company’s chief executive, Mark Norek.

In this case, that’s Hobart-based Rotorlift, which has exclusive rights to land on the 1.2sq km island, part of the Tasman National Park. And “wow” is definitely the word!


For more info on the tour click here.

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