Our Kimberley Bungles tour is like no other!

Dec 08, 2023

There are several ways you can experience the amazing Kimberley region of northern WA.

You can hire a 4WD which will cost an arm and a leg (and probably a kidney) and muddle your way around.

You can hop on a crowded bus with 40 other tourists and be directed en mass to some of the softer scenic highlights OR you can choose our unique 6-day Kimberley, Bungles & Beyond pack-free guided walk where some wow-mazing experiences await!

How’s this? You’ll start off by enjoying a scenic flight into the Bungles, getting a unique aerial view of the spectacular region whilst saving four hours of driving (two of those hours on rough bumpy terrain).

You can only fully grasp the magnitude and grandeur of this spectacular region from the air. It’s breathtaking!


Walking highlights of our tour include the track to Cathedral Gorge, a spectacular natural amphitheatre with a pool reflecting the soaring sandstone beehives guarding the entrance.

Another wow-mazing experience is the optional heli-hiking experience when you fly into – and land inside – the Bungles’ Piccaninny Gorge. This is normally a 3-day walk. From there you spend the day exploring this ancient landscape on foot.

Kimberley Grand Hotel

Your guide will lead the hike into the gorge and tell you about the area’s cultural significance to the indigenous people and its unique history. After our walk, we fly back by helicopter and transfer to our accommodation in the Bungles, which is of course first-class.


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