Our Karijini National Park and Ningaloo Reef hiking tour makes the press!

Feb 01, 2023

Life’s an Adventure’s 7-day Karijini National Park and Ningaloo Reef pack-free guided walk has featured on popular travel website escape.com.au.

Writer Mark Daffey loved the week-long adventure, describing it as ‘mind-blowing’!

“Our seven-day journey starts in Exmouth and travels along the Warlu Way, following the meandering path of the Dreamtime serpent. From the sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the North West Cape, we’ll ascend the scorched red earths of the Pilbara to a rocky plateau that’s sliced by gorges,” writes Mark.

“By no means is this a hardcore hiking trip, though. For starters, it’s pack-free, as well as being a little luxurious, returning to Karijini Eco Retreat at the end of each day to dine on restaurant meals and sleep in safari-style glamping tents while wild dingoes howl through the night,” he writes.

“But getting down into these gorges isn’t possible unless we’re prepared to break a sweat. Distances are rarely more than a few kilometres at a time, though each hike may require us to scramble over slippery rocks, or wade across bloated waterholes. It adds an adventure element to each day.”

But the highlight for Mark was swimming with the whalesharks at Ningaloo Reef.


“After tracing Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef south from the Tantabiddi Boat Ramp, near Exmouth, the moment that’s arguably the highlight of our trip is finally on us,” writes Mark.

“We’ve swum out from the boat in a straight line behind Leah, keeping our heads above the water. It’s then when I notice a tailfin slicing through the ocean. It’s coming straight towards us.

‘Back up a little,’ Leah yells.


“I obey her instructions, then dip my head under the water for the first time. Through my dive mask, I can see the magnified outline of a whale shark swimming lazily towards me. Its oscillating tailfin appears strangely robotic and its mouth is agape, filtering as many as 6000 litres of water per hour while it feeds on microscopic plankton.

“For the next five minutes, all 10 snorkellers in our group kick madly as we try to keep up with the world’s largest fish. A remora suckerfish tags along beside it and a school of tiny rainbow runners hovers around its mouth, occasionally getting sucked in then belched out again.”


Click here for the full story and here for more info on this pack-free guided walk.

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