Sep 26, 2019

Life’s An Adventure has expanded its list of overseas destinations to include Great Britain.

Their first pack-free guided walk there is seven days exploring England’s South West Coast Path.

The is a stunning region of rugged high cliffs, quaint villages of thatched roofs houses and centuries of history. This walk has been designed specifically for Australians to maximise their time whilst travelling.

A highlight of the South West Coast Path walk.

Life’s An Adventure Company Director Mark Norek takes five with us.

There are amazing walks all over Europe why was the UK the first country over there for you to launch pack free guided walks?
I kept on reading online and everywhere that the UK had the best walks in the world (Coast to Coast Walk in particular) and wondered if this was a Englishman writing the story or was it true? So I had to go to find out myself. I did so with hesitation as last time I was in England I visited in December and stayed in the city and did not enjoy it due to the weather mostly. The UK countryside is truly beautiful and amazing. My ancestors came from the UK so it is great to visit the mother country.

There are many photographic highlights on this walk.

So what’s so special about the South West Coast Path?
I was amazed at how beautiful the UK was in summer especially Cornwall and Dorset. It’s so much like Tasmania, my home state. The Coastline is rugged and just outstanding. My wife and I have fallen in love with the TV series Poldark as it reminds us how beautiful the area is. I have to say apart from the cold swimming, it has some of the most beautiful villages, coastline and countryside in all of Europe. We have picked the best walks from the 1000km South West Coast Path and teamed it with the best English accommodation and hospitality to present an amazing walking tour.

Sounds good, so what is the accommodation like?
Accommodation as an important part of the tour so it’s the best the area has – and must be best positioned to the walk to reduce transfer times each day. It can be old and eccentric but it must have a restaurant that boasts local produce. And importantly its accommodation that we wouldn’t get back home. When did you last stay in a castle in Australia?

There are many “wow” moments on this walk – the scenery, the accommodation and the dining, however, Life’s An Adventure has included one extra experience. On the last night of the journey, clients will enjoy a special night at the Minack Theatre near Land’s End. The theatre is a unique outdoor theatre perched on the cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean. The program features throughout the season drama, musical and opera.

The world-famous Minack Theatre near Land’s End

To celebrate this new walk Life’s An Adventure is offering Super Earlybird Savings of up to $400 per person for Past Passengers and $300 per person for first-time travellers with the company.

And one last question for Mark. What’s your European destination?
Not sure yet! But we must do Italy. Would love to do a tour of the Polish Tartas – my father’s country of origin.

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