Larapinta Trail showcases the best of the Red Centre

May 09, 2019

The Larapinta Trail is like no other walk in Australia. Voted by National Geographic as one of the world’s top 20 trekking experiences, it features magnificent gorges, high ridges with breathtaking views and peaceful waterholes.

It’s also home to over 600 species of plants, abundant wildlife and glimpses of the longest continuous cultural history in the world, the Arrente People who have been in the region for the last 50,000 years – yep 50,000!

Life An Adventure’s pack-free Larapinta walk showcases the best bits of this popular walk over five days including:

Standley Chasm – cutting through tough quartzite, the natural alleyway was created by flood waters over thousands of years. It’s best seen in the middle of the day when the light displays magnificent colours and rock formations. The reliable water supply in the chasm ensures the gully floor is lush with delicate ferns to tall gum trees and cycad palms.

Standley Chasm

Mt Sonder (1380m) – on top of the Territory’s fourth highest mountain (and the final point on the Larapinta Trail) you’re greeted with an awe-inspiring 360° panorama of water-coloured landscapes. Remote desert peaks stretch as far as the eye can see. The view north looks 100km into the Tanami Desert, and to the east, we see the majority of the Western MacDonnell Ranges. To the south is the meteor crater of Gosse Bluff and to the west Mount Zeil, NT’s highest mountain.

Mt Sonder. Photo_Darren Schiller

Counts Point – At an altitude of 1,140m, Counts Point is one of the highest points on the Heavitree Range. From the summit, the ground falls away abruptly into arched valleys reaching towards the west. The view from Counts Point is one of the best-elevated vistas on the Larapinta so make sure there’s plenty of memory in your camera for amazing photos!

Counts Point

Ormiston Gorge – Ormiston Gorge showcases the spectacular geology and landforms of the West MacDonnell Ranges (The West and East MacDonnells total 644km). The gorge has a waterhole that is there year-round and is great for swimming, especially in warmer months.

Ormiston Gorge

“On our most recent tour guests had access to the waterhole after each day’s walk, which is not an option with other walking operators in the region as their camps are too far away,” said Life’s An Adventure GM Mark Norek. “There’s nothing like hopping into the cool water of Ormiston Gorge after a long day’s walk. All your aches and pains are gone in an instant!”

And to top off your amazing Larapinta experience on the last day you get to see this magnificent part of the world from the sky onboard a scenic helicopter ride!

Special Indigenous Guest Guide – Life’s an Adventure is proud to work with a local Arrente woman who was born and raised in Alice Springs. You’ll meet with her on day one at Stanley Chasm and learn the Dreamtime story of how the chasm was created and many other insights into local Arrente culture.

From ground level, from inside a gorge, from a mountain summit or even from the air, the Larapinta Trail reveals its timeless landscapes and breathtaking panoramas that change colour and tone in the ever-changing light, making it a bucket list walk for anyone wanting to understand the magical pull of Australia’s Red Centre.

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