Iconic Walk Raises Over $24,000 for Stroke Foundation

Mar 20, 2019

Fifty hikers took part in Tasmanian Iconic Walks annual fundraising walk on Saturday March 2. 

“Despite the high temperatures in Hobart the Tasman region was much cooler so it made for a magnificent hike of Tasmania’s most glorious long day wilderness trail – Tasman Arch to Fortescue Bay”

says Jo Cordell-Cooper, event organiser for Tasmanian Iconic Walks
Fortescue Bay, Tasmania
Fortescue Bay, Tasmania

Specifically created to educate and raise awareness about stroke teams of 4 signed up for the event last year, and have been training to be fit enough to complete it since then.  Tasmanian Iconic Walks deliberately chose a challenging walk so participants who are struggling up a hill might reflect on what it might be like to have a stroke, to struggle, to be left behind. 

The team of 4 represents a mini community – how might we treat people who have had a stroke, who struggle with movement or speech or become easily confused or have feelings of overwhelm. 

“Over the day there can be big mood swings from elation to deep fatigue – that’s humbling for some.  We want them to reflect on that.  Tomorrow they will wake up healthy, which is not the reality for the stroke survivor.

“It is important for us, as event organisers, that our participants be aware that as they improve their own fitness they reduce their own risk of having a stroke.  The number 2 reason for people having a stroke is low levels of physical activity.”

Additionally, hikers take on the event knowing they are required to raise money, 100% of which is donated to the Stroke Foundation. 

This event has raised over $24,000 and fundraising will continue until March 14.  Donations can be made at https://tasmanianiconicwalks.org/get-involved/donate/.  100% of donations go to the Stroke Foundation.

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