Apr 08, 2022


Now if you’re on a Life’s An Adventure pack-free guided walk and the clouds look like they’re about to spill over with water you need two things – the proper attitude and the proper gear.

THE PROPER ATTITUDE Yes you’re a bit wet, yes you’d prefer a sunny day but look on the bright side. Try and embrace the rain rather than moan about it. Take a look at how different things look on a rainy day, how the green grass and trees look even greener, rivers flow faster and ponds and lakes are almost bursting. If you only go out to walk on sunny days then you are only seeing part of the story.

THE PROPER GEAR Be sensible and take your best waterproof jackets, the less wet you get the more comfortable you’re going to be and the more you’ll enjoy your walk. If it is really wet consider a jacket with taped seams to make it fully waterproof.

A lot of women wear leggings on a hike but if they’re not that comfortable when they’re wet. Waterproof trousers are a good option, pick a pair with zips on the outside of the legs which make them so much easier for popping on and off as and when the rains come.

If it’s not only wet but also cold then definitely get yourself a good pair of gloves, you’ll need your hands for checking the route and generally getting you through the walk and you don’t want them to be freezing cold.



LAYERS So you’ve sorted your waterproofs out but what are you going to wear underneath them? Layers are the answer and we definitely favour the 3-tier system;

BASE LAYER: a lightweight, comfortable under layer that isn’t restrictive. This will wick away moisture caused by the physical exercise and so keeping it away from your skin.

FLEECE: fleece is a great syntehtic insulator that will help retain your heat even when exposed to rain. Natural fabrics tend to become bogged down in the wet and take a long time to dry out.

WATERPROOF: pop your waterproof that we discussed above over your layers and you’re ready to go!

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