Explore the Bungle Bungles & beyond!

Apr 29, 2022

WA’s Kimberley region is known for its massive wilderness areas defined by rugged ranges, dramatic gorges, savanna country and isolated coastline – and you can experience it all on a pack-free walking holiday.


Discover amazing rock art


And if you want to explore it on foot you’ve come to the right please! First up we have the 5-day Kimberley, Bugles and Beyond which includes 2 nights in the Bungles and 2 nights at Lake Argyle and a heli-hiking experience.

The Kimberley’s colours are magical!


Then we have the 7-day Kimberley Explorer – Bungles, Lake Argyle and Beyond and the 7-day Kimberley, Bungles and Mitchell Falls Walk. Both offer a week of adventure in first-class accommodation. And for those who don’t want their holiday to end we have two 10-day trips – the Kimberley to Broome Explorer and the Kimberly, Bungles and Beyond.

There’s nowhere like the Bungle Bungles


By the time you leave these trips you’ll know the region like the back on your hand! For info on all these trips click here.

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