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Life’s An Adventure’s 3 Day Bay of Fires walk
Story and photos by Food & Travel

If you like a little (or a lot of) food with your holiday, then culinary tourism is worth considering. One of the fastest growing segments of tourism today, more and more people are traveling in search of locally produced foods combined with unique experiences.  Tasmania is well known for its fresh foods and pristine wilderness.  If you’d like to experience both in an unforgettable experience, look no further than Life’s an Adventure.

Combining great iconic hiking adventures with fresh, local food and produce, travelers have the opportunity to experience the best of Tasmania. A locally owned and operated small business, this company takes pride in featuring the local produce and producers near their hiking destinations.  It’s a great opportunity to combine two of our favorite pastimes- hiking and discovering the local foods of an area.

Hiking the Bay of Fires is but one of Life’s an Adventure’s many hikes in Tasmania and Australia.  The three day hike through the Bay of Fires is a mesmerizingly beautiful walk along a coastline just stunning in its beauty: white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and birds and wildlife to keep it interesting.

Located in the northeast tip of Tasmania, the hike commences at Mount William National Park and ends at the rather attractive beach called “The Gardens”, 37 kilometers to the south, still quite a distance from the nearest town St. Helens, a good 18 kilometers away.

With the exception of a lighthouse, there is no development in the Bay of Fires so the area remains pristine. Here you will not see another soul, other than the 12 in our small group.

The wide, white sandy beach makes for easy walking. Our only challenges consist of navigating the rocky outcrops separating the glorious beaches of the Bay of Fires and crossing the small rust coloured streams emptying into the ocean. Tannins occur naturally in the water and when the rust coloured streams hit the crystal blue water, the ocean appears a lovely olive green color.

Breakfast and lunch also feature Gourmet’s products including wallaby metwurst and beef jerky.  Their Tirano Chipotles, served at breakfast with fresh local eggs were also a highlight when combined with fresh sourdough bread from Manubread, an artisan bread maker, and coffee from Relics Coffee, a local coffee roaster. Add cereal, muesli, fresh fruit and locally produced bacon and we were well fed for a day of hiking. Another local supplier, provide organic fruit and vegetables and when possible these are all locally grown in Tasmania. Bill Dowling makes the beetroot chutney and caramelised onion which are also Tasmanian. The leatherwood honey and even the ice cream brand, Valhalla is all local.

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