Come to Royal NP for the walking, stay for the platypus!

Jul 05, 2024

A six-month-old baby platypus named Gilli is the first-known animal of its kind to be born in the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney, in more than 50 years.

Michael Jerrard/Unsplash
Michael Jerrard/Unsplash


The 850gm female puggle, as baby platypuses are known, was discovered in the Hacking River in the park.

She is believed to be the child of two of 10 platypuses — six females and four males — that were re-homed in the park last May.

The researchers behind the program, from UNSW, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Taronga Conservation Society Australia and the World Wildlife Fund, conducted a weekend of night-time surveys to recapture the egg-laying mammals.

Project lead Gilad Bino said he was overjoyed to find the puggle after it swam into the team’s nets.

“We were over the moon,” Dr Bino said. “It was just amazing … so rewarding and very humbling to be part of this mammoth effort.”


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