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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

At Life’s An Adventure, environmental sustainability is a guiding principle. We are committed to sustainable tourism and to preserving Australia's natural wildlife and environment s for future generations to enjoy.

Life’ An Adventure commitment to sustainability ensures our guests enjoy, appreciate and learn the importance of preserving and protecting the landscapes we visit and its inhabitants. We employ the Leave No Trace principles and emphasizes elements of conservation in all operations in order to ensure minimal environmental impacts. In addition to environmental conservation, Life’s An Adventure is committed to supporting the local community by working closely with local businesses and hiring local guides.

Eco Tourism Accreditation

We hold Eco Tourism Accreditation with EcoTourism Australia, this accreditation is given to ecologically sustainable tourism companies with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservations.


Green Guardian Program

Life’s An Adventure has partnered with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service to promote environmental conservation through the Green Guardian program. As part of the Green Guardian program, our guests are given conservation volunteer opportunities during their walks.

Our project is working with PWS, Birdlife Tasmania and the Department’s Resource Management and Conservation Branch. Whilst walking along the wild and remote beaches in Tasmania, we will identify a number of threatened and vulnerable shorebird and migratory shorebird species. This important work will aid in assessing shorebird populations and habitat quality, both of which have been seriously affected by human activity. The vital information collected will be uploaded into the Department’s Natural Values Atlas where it will assist in improving conservation outcomes, planning and decision making.

Conservation of the Environment

This wonderful natural areas you are about to visit – will be there for future generations to enjoy if we are considerate and follow a few simple rules to minimise any environmental damage.

When Walking…

  • Stay on the track, even if it’s rough or muddy. Walking on the track edges and cutting corners on steep, zigzagging tracks increases erosion and visual scarring
  • Tread softly, choosing your footwear for the terrain. Often you will only need to wear lightweight walking boots or even running shoes
  • If there are no tracks, spread out rather than follow each other’s footsteps. A plant will be more likely to recover if walked on once than if stomped on by the whole party
  • Appreciate and respect the local wildlife
  • Walk as quietly as possible. This reduces the likelihood of disturbing wildlife and increases the chances of seeing it
  • Carry all rubbish with you. Even discarded organic litter such as apple cores or orange skin adds nutrients to the soil which can aid the spread of weeds
  • Avoid walking on sensitive vegetation by staying on rocks and hard ground wherever possible. Swamp and bog plants, mosses and other soft vegetation are easily destroyed by trampling
  • Only use toothpaste and soap if you’re at least 50m from any waterways, to prevent harm to fish and other wildlife
  • Please don’t feed native animals – it can damage their health and make them dependent on campers for food. The wrong food can cause birds to lay eggs with weak shells that break before the young can develop. Find out more about how feeding native animals can affect them, their behaviour and you
  • No damage or removal of native plant species
  • No removal of shells from beaches, coastal areas or inland middens
  • Try to leave everything as you found it. Don’t disturb historic places, Aboriginal sites, plants, animals or bushrock
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