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Customer Testimonials

Life’s an Adventure have won 21 Tourism Awards of Excellence for their tours in the Blue Mountains & Sydney. Including the Australian Tourism Awards for the Best Adventure Tourism Company in Australia

Cradle Mountain & Walls of Jerusalem walk Client Testimonials

Our 4 days with Life’s an Adventure surpassed anything I could have imagined from day 1 of walking.Our guides were Glenn & Pete. Both were extremely knowledgable about the areas history, geography, geology, fauna & flora & delighted to share their knowledge. It was also very obvious they were keen to continue to learn from the environment themselves.Both have an undeniable passion for Tasmania.The walks we did varied from fairly easy to real challenges. Most impressively it wasn’t just a unique experience, with a big dash of fun, Glenn & Pete were aiming to give us, our safety was the primary concern throughout the 4 days. That totally fills you with the confidence you could really step out of your square. The sense of satisfaction & achievement when we finished was awesome.After walking Glenn & Pete ensured we wanted for nothing. A couple of minor hiccups with the accommodation booking were resolved by Glen immediately even though we were happy to sort it out ourselves.Not one of us wanted the trip to end; surely a good sign of satisfied customers.The lasting memories of a trip like this are not the small annoying issues but the interaction with the “staff on the ground”, environment & the sheer thrill of the experience. Glenn & Pete certainly ensured our expectations were exceeded from day 1 and everyday thereafter. On top of that they were genuinely nice guys.Thanks to those two I can unequivocally say this is the best guided walk experience I have had anywhere.With great itineraries & high quality guides like this I will certainly be back.Thank Glenn & Pete for making my trip so memorable.

Mandy McCosker

Cradle Mountain & Walls of Jerusalem walk

Kayaking Client Testimonials

Guide – Excellent. Overall impression of the tour – Above Expectations. Ed and I went on the Sydney Harbour morning kayaking tour with Ian last weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Ian was a great tour guide, he explained everything clearly and was very patient and obviously loves what he does. The time and length of the tour was spot on. I can’t say enough good things about the morning! We will most definitely be back for more adventures. Thank you!

Kayak Tour Customer Sydney Harbour

Maria Island Client Testimonials

Meals – excellent. Guides Kat and Daniel are what makes the trip. The Maria Island walk was fantastic but they were sensational. They represent you in effect and are just amazing. Overall impression of the Maria Island Walking Tour – Beyond Expectations, it was simply great.


Maria Island Walking Tour

Meals – excellent. I was amazed at what Katrina and Daniel had provided for us after a hot day’s walking. Delicious, welcome, beautiful food! Excellent guides, Katrina, Daniel and Ben are wonderful ambassadors for Life’s an adventure. Night 1 at the Penitentionary – A unique experience that tied in history with a good degree of comfort. Camping experience on night 2 -Excellent. Dinner by the cove – good friends, good food. I was quite surprised to find the tents up, shower tent ready, food organized, and a cup of tea in my hand. I had expected to do some work but I didn’t have a chance to even volunteer – it was all in hand! Very welcome just to relax! Overall impression of the Maria Island walking tour: beyond expectations. Would love to do another Maria Island tour with you now!.

Nora and Jane

Maria Island Walking Tour

Have just returned from spending 3 glorious days wandering around Maria Island with a wonderful group of people, led by our Life be in it guide’s Kat and Daniel. With their expertise, knowledge and obvious love of the outdoors, we wwre led around the island being shown the history, flora and fauna of the island. With an unrushed easy going pace we had plenty of time to summit mountains and swim in crystal clear waters, having beaches all to ourselves. And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy me ,being wined and dined by the fresh and wholesome meals that they prepared, left me feeling totally spoiled and relaxed. Thankyou for a wonderful experience and memories.

John M.

Maria Island Walking Tour

Meals – Excellent. I am able to eat just about everything and I like everything so the food was full of variety and choice both healthy and unhealthy which are both wanted at different times. And cooked very well too. Making and taking our own lunches with snacks to munch on the way was a good idea. Guides – Excellent. All three were friendly, professional helpful and accommodating Kat, Warwick and Andrew. Everything was set up and provided for. Nothing was missing that we needed. Kat had the hardest job out front keeping us amused and pressing us on at the hard moments, but the boys were there in the background providing our comforts. I appreciated Kat for coming and finding me to see the penguins. I travelled around Tasmania for two weeks and missed out and then the first night it was like magic and there the penguins were with their babies. Night 1 at the Penitentionary – Excellent . I saw the penguins, The food was plentiful. Camping experience on night 2 – Excellent. The view was spectacular, no mossies the weather was perfect, the food plentiful, various and well cooked, wine was plentiful Kat encouraged us to get out of the sun. Her fourth attempt was successful when we realised that we were all getting burnt. Thankyou Kat for your concern. Overall impression of the Maria Island Tour – Beyond Expectations I think we were lucky that everyone seemed to get along well and that may have been because the leaders were happy with each other it seemed to me so that I felt comfortable and secure and that made the weekend carefree. With dollops of history thrown in and a few good photo opportunities and the most excellent weather it was a weekend to remember.

Dean & Mary

Maria Island Walking Tour

My 9 year old daughter and I did the Maria Island Walk with Life is an Adventure and it was wonderful. Maria Island is beautiful, the walking was sensational and everything was incredibly well organised. The logistics, food and wine were also great. But above all else the Guide we had, Catt and our logistics leader, Daniel were simply incredible and made the Maria Island trip an absolute delight with their care, knowlegde and guiding. I selected this trip over the other more excluisve trip as it was shorter in time, your bags were carried and the accomodation is a little more natural- i.e. penetentiary and tents. I have previously done the bay of fires walk many years ago and this was just as good. My daughter loved it and while I thought her walking all that way was going to be challenge, she had no trouble and they looked after her incredibly well.

Wilder Family

Maria Island Walking Tour

Meals -Excellent. Kat, Warwick and Andrew were very attentive with the food as I can only have glutten free products. I felt they went out of there way to provide the best and freshest possible food for me and everyone. My husband enjoyed the journey with me as I was healthy for 3 days, which is important when walking in the middle of a Island. Fresh, tasty and plentiful, just what you need. Guides -Excellent. Being hospitality trained ourselves, we were very impressed with our guides. They had the perfect combination between the 3 of them. You couldn’t have asked for any better. Night 1 at the Penitentionary – Good. Showers were a let down for this night, otherwise very comfortable. Camping experience on night 2. We are camping people so we enjoyed this night the most, you really felt that you had the Island to yourself and felt very special. Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. The logistists are all put in place for the guides but if we didn’t have Kat, Warwick and Andrew I don’t know if it would have been the same. We feel they made the trip for us, they care.

Karl and Cheryl Gallienne

Maria Island Walking Tour

Food & Guides – Excellent. The walking staff, led by Kirk, were great company, very enthusiastic and always very helpful. We loved the island and set new personal best for the roughest water crossing as well as the best food and wine on a camp/hiking trip. All three staff made us feel very welcome and thoroughly spoilt us. Night 1 at the Penitentionary was excellent. wood fires were great and sleeping bags/sheets and pillows helped with a good night sleep. Overall impression of the Maria Island walking tour …..Beyond Expectations.

Raymond Tedman

Maria Island Walking Tour

Overall impression of the Maria Island walking tour – Beyond Expectations. Our guides Leif, Dan and Barry were such willing guides.Nothing was ever too much trouble. Leif made sure everyone on the walk was coping and let us know he was new to this walking guide. We were fortunate to have several vets and experienced walkers. The whole group got on we’ll. the weather was perfect and the scenery magnificent. Dan and Barry prepared the food like professionals. They were friendly and always happy to assist and join in and chat. A very great group of workers you have employed. It’s excellent in pace and distance and challenging in small sections for all levels of walkers. The various forms of fauna made it a special place. It was a personal achievement to have walked on this beautiful island. The turquoise colours of the oceans and bay inlets surpassed the beauty of the Whitsundays which are in my home state.

Angela OMara

Maria Island Walking Tour

Bay of Fires Client Testimonials

Food was plentiful and of an excellent standard.Guides amd camping excellent. Being taller than average I’m always concerned that I wont fit on the bed but had no problems with that on this trip! Beach shack on Night 2 – Excellent. Wonderful place. Congratulations on your choice.Tour – Beyond Expectations.

Russell Lucas

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Our guide Kat was fantastic! She is obviously very passionate about her role and her attention to all of us was outstanding – her people skills great, her knowledge informative and overall I would rate her contribution to our adventure as 10/10. The set-up of the beach shack is great. Tour – Beyond Expectations. Still talking about it. Thanks for a great adventure!

Margaret Gilbert

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals were excellent. Tasty fresh and plenty Just right. Guides, camping and beachshack all excellent. Will recommend to others and would do a tour with your company again.

Sally McMichael

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals -Excellent. Guides � Excellent. Camping Night 1 � Excellent. Beach shack on Night 2 Excellent. Rate your overall impression of the tour. Beyond Expectations.

Suzanne Hudson

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

The food and menu exceeded my expectations. Guides � Excellent. I cannot fault Daniel and Kirk. They could not have been better or more professional if they tried. I was very impressed with how smoothly everything ran and how well informed they were. Beach shack on Night 2. Excellent. A truly magical experience and far nicer than I could have imagined. Beyond Expectations. The whole experience from start to finish was wonderful. I did not want it to end. I was truly impressed with the level of service from the guides and all with a smile and true professionalism. Overall, it was wonderful.

Susan Raice

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

I would especially like to mention how fabulous our guide Daniel was. He was the perfect fit for our group. Very competent, attentive, informative and friendly. (Basically we were offering our daughters to him). Brenton did a fabulous job cooking the food and making sure we were all fabulously comfortable on our arrivals and during our stay. Camping Night 1 �Excellent. Camp was fabulous and food excellent. Beach shack on Night 2 � Excellent. Again, lovely to have a bed on night two and in a great location. Tour – Beyond Expectations. Again, have to say that guides made the whole thing effortless (other than the walking bit!).

Kate Andrews

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals � Excellent. Cray on the first night,great. Curries on both nights were good for a warm up on cold nights and a lovely surprise to have dessert. Nice choice on wines, beer etc. Lovely too see young guys with good hospitality skills in the bush…a real special treat! Guides � Excellent. A courteous pair of young guys who shared their time with 11 mothers. I call that an amazing effort. Seriously, they shared their local knowledge and were very supportive to the clients on this walk and were particularly caring in some tricky terrain for older legs. Camping night 1 � Excellent. Tents we’re fab, you could upgrade the sleeping bags for freezing weather though. Terrific set up for camping, shower screen, chair beside that and the hot water at the loo was super. Beach shack on Night 2 � Excellent. A total surprise, I was great full to be upstairs with the great view. The setup for dinner was fab.

Jenny Fuller

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals – Excellent. The food was great and there was plenty of it. Guides – Excellent. Warrick & Brenton were terrific – couldn’t have asked for better. Beach Shack – Excellent. How fantastic is the beach shack!!. Tour – Beyond Expectations. I loved every moment of the trip, even through the gale force winds, the cyclone at night & the driving rain. Spectacular scenery, great people to travel with & brilliant crew!!! Keep doing what you’re doing – this is my second tour with Life’s An Adventure and I’ll definitely be back for another!

Annabel Budge

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals – Excellent. Great food. The guides were great cooks and worked hard. We just loved the cold beer, wine and nibblies waiting for us as we dragged ourselves into our camp/beach shack after a hard days walk. Guides- Excellent. Loved them. They had great sense of humour, worked hard, seemed to enjoy what they were doing and really set the correct balance between giviing us information, and letting us enjoy the company and the views. Camping experience Night 1 – Excellent. All good. The tents were better than expected, with comfortable bedding and a pillow! Beach shack on Night 2 – Excellent. Had a ball. Loved the way the guides set the table and served our dinner. The house was well set up and had a great aspect so it was a pleasure to sit back and relax. Tour – Beyond Expectations.

Diana Robinson

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals – Excellent. Very impressed with how Brenton fed us. Arrived first day to cheese, bickies and lobster. And of course beer and wine. And the good food kept coming. On our last day we even had home made brownies courtesy of Kat (who made them at 10 pm!). It was fabulous. Good food and nothing was ever too much trouble. Guides Warwick and Brenton were fantastic. It was hard to believe that Warwick was so young, he was very capable and mature for his age! And everyone is really friendly, welcoming and helpful. Beach shack on Night 2 – Excellent. I was expecting a shack similar to Willie’s on the 6 foot track. I did not expect a house with beds with sheets and blankets even! It was really luxurious. Loved the outside area, location etc. Absolutely wonderful. I expected the crew/guides to be highly professional but also friendly and easy to walk with. This was totally the case. Having walked the 6 foot track, I knew the quality of your crew/guides. It was certainly exactly as advertised.

Sue Crane

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals- Excellent. The crayfish appetiser at the end of the first day, washed down with Ninth Island SB was an absolute GEM!!!!! (especially given the price of crays in Tas at the moment!!!!) – very special! Guides – Excellent. Terrific. Knew what they were doing, very organised and efficient, and always helpful and informative. Top marks. Camping experience Night 1 – Excellent. Was great they were all set up for us on our arrival so all we had to do was relax. Beach shack on Night 2 – Excellent. Nice! comfy beds and spacious and clean rooms. Nice way to end off the trip. Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations . Really enjoyed our 3 days. The beaches were beautiful (and deserted) and we had a lovely group and guides. The walking was enough to make us feel virtuous after our Christmas indulgences, and to fully appreciate the sumptuous dinner and wine at the end of each day. Tassie is beautiful and this was such a great way to see a gorgeous part of it. Thank you!!!!

Angela Dixon

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Meals- Excellent. Amazing selection, presentation, variety, quantity and service
Guides – Excellent. Daniel is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, cheerful and obviously has a genuine love for the land and his job. Claire prepared incredible food, and was always friendly and helpful. Camping experience Night 1 – Excellent. Very comfortable camping experience. Beach shack on Night 2 – Excellent. Great house and general accommodation. Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. The beaches are spectacular and the service far surpassed my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

Amanda Fuller

Bay of Fires Award Winning Tour

Royal Coastal Track Client Testimonials

Meals – Excellent. Food was amazing – very fresh, plentiful and yummy. There was a generous amount of alcohol. Guides – Excellent. Tour- Beyond Expectations. Daniel & Nigel were fantastic, and made our experience one to remember – thanks!

Jodie Isaacs

Royal Coastal Track Walking Tour

Meals – Excellent. Food was fantastic – especially the fruit on sunday morning and the food prepared for dinner on sat night by Nigel. Guides – Excellent. Both Nigel and Daniel were friendly, professional and helpful. Camping – Excellent. Tent, stretcher and pillow were great Tour – Beyond Expectations. I would definitely go again. Both Nigel and Daniel made it an enjoyable experience along with the other people on the trip.

Robert Scriven

Royal Coastal Track Walking Tour

Meals – Excellent. The food was of a superb quality and there was plenty of it. It was better than food I have been served in a restaurant. Despite being in the great outdoors the facilities for preparing and eating the food was extremely clean. Guides – Excellent. Our guide, Daniel was very knowledgeable and provided the group with historic tales at points along the walk. Daniel set the pace of the walk to suit the whole group therefore making the walk very pleasant. Our chef, Nigel was a fantastic cook and provided us with excellent meals. The campsite and it’s facilities had been set up prior to our arrival allowing us to settle in at the campsite as soon as we had arrived. Camping experience – Excellent. The tents, mattresses etc were very comfortable. The tent was very clean and they were all situated in ideal locations. The kitchen and eating facilities were exceptionally clean. The chairs and seating area was very comfortable and a pleasant area to sit in. Tour – Beyond Expectations. I had a fantastic experience on the coastal walk, it has been one of the highlights of my one month holiday in Australia. The views were spectacular and the walk was very well planned out. The food was exceptional and all staff were very pleasant and accommodating. This trip was definitely worth the money!

Linda Balderson

Royal Coastal Track Walking Tour

Meals -Excellent. Great food and plenty of it, had everything covered for all tastes. Guides – Excellent. Our guides Adam and Amy were fantastic, They both went above and beyond to make our trip enjoyable. Camping – Excellent. Overall impression of the tour. Beyond Expectations.

Elizabeth O’Sullivan

Royal Coastal Track Walking Tour

Meals – Excellent. Guides – Excellent. Amy was an amazing guide. Her knowledge of the terrain, plants and wildlife added interest. She was so friendly, helpful, positive and was never without a smile. Adam was great – he told us he was a new recruit and I would score him 10/10 on logistics – we turned up to camp and everything was perfect! He cooked a mean Thai snapper and even better breakfast ! Camping – Excellent. Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations.

Christine Lonsdale

Royal Coastal Track Walking Tour

Belinda V. March Meals & Guides Excellent. Daniel’s knowledge of native flora and fauna was fantastic. I loved that we were able to taste indigenous foods along the way, that he pointed out objects, and told interesting stories that were attributed to the aboriginals that lived in the area. Camping – Excellent. Overall impression of the tour. Beyond Expectations. I had a great time. Good food, good company with fantastic scenery and landscapes. I thought the heat was the biggest challenge, but overall an awesome walk that I’d do again if the opportunity arose.

Royal Coastal Track Walking Tour

Freycinet & Wineglass Bay Client Testimonials

Meals – Excellent. Great food and wine. A real highlight. Guides – Excellent. Barry and both support staff very courteous, very helpful and good ambassadors of your business. Kirk in particular stood out. Overall impression of the Freycinet walking tour – Beyond Expectations.

Robert Vinton

Freycinet & Wineglass Bay Walking Tour

Guides & Meals – Excellent. Kirk, Alex and Barry were excellent, friendly and superb at what they do. Kirk was certainly amazing with food and his ability to serve menus that were 1st class considering we were camping! Overall camping experience – Excellent. Overall impression of the Freycinet Walking Tour – Beyond Expectations

Deborah Curtis

Freycinet & Wineglass Bay Walking Tour

Meals – Excellent. Really impressed with food and menu, imaginative, well delivered, well designed, well balanced. Just perfect. Guides – Excellent. The three staff were just tops! I was deeply impressed with their professionalism, their tact, consideration and care. It was particularly impressive that they were so flexible in making changes to the program. They get my top rating, and many thanks. They couldn’t have been better. Bravo! Overall camping experience – Excellent. My tent was well positioned and quite comfortable. Loved lying on bed listening to the wind and the waves. The site was beautiful, and well organized by the staff, including the repositioning when the wind got up. Bush shower didn’t always work, but that’s camping! There was always a swim in the sea. Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. This was thoroughly enjoyable, sometimes challenging, but an experience I shall long remember. It tested me, but in a safe context. I learnt a lot and feel more confident about my abilities. Cheaper than a trip to a therapist! Thank you, thank you! Go Barry, Captain Kirk and Alex, champions!

Marea Mitchell

Freycinet & Wineglass Bay Walking Tour

Six Foot Track Client Testimonials

Food – Excellent. Glenn was a fantastic chef. He provided high quality food throughout our tour, always with a smile & friendly attitude. nothing was a problem for him. Guides – Excellent. Dennis & Matt were both outstanding guides. Dennis in particular was a standout for us, always checking that we were ok throughout the tour and providing lots information & guidance. He’s a great guy and very fit for his age of 72. Overall impression of the tour- Beyond Expectations. We felt that we were both very well looked after.

Andrew & Jenny McGavin

Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

Food – Excellent. The food was way better quality that i was expecting, there was lots of choice and it was all delicious! Guides – Excellent. Juanita and Glenn were awesome. From start to finish, the couldn’t do enough to help or look after the whole group. They were also really nice people to spend time with. Juanita was an excellent nurse with no end of patience for all those with blisters and Glenn makes an awesome camp fire! Loved it! I could have spent a week there quite happily, it was fantastic! Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. Excellent from start to finish.

Sue France

Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

We had a great time and will remember our walk forever. Great food and a well arranged tour – thank you to everyone involved. A special mention of Kat, our guide, who was simply superb. A great guide with an excellent knowledge of botany, she has the perfect personality to guide and really added to our enjoyment of the trip.

R & M Marshall

Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

Food – Excellent. Food was fresh, well prepared and delicious, thank you Glen, Daniel and team! Guides – Excellent. Daniel was absolutely brilliant in every way, it was a privilege to be a part of the trek with him. He was extremely passionate about the history and preservation of the track which made it all the more amazing. We were blown away by how welcoming and incredibly awesome Daniel, Glen and Aldona were. They really looked after our every need, were patient, encouraging and supportive all the way through. I loved every minute and want to thank the team for a truly fantabulous and wonderful 3 days! Camping – Excellent Thank you Glen for setting everything up in freezing conditions! Eco lodge – Excellent. Perfect!!!! Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. There aren’t enough words to express how awesome the 3 days were on every level. Every moment was magical! The team were brilliant and you really are very lucky to have found such fabulous and caring people! I cant wait to plan our next adventure! Thank you also for the bottle of bubbly, the group really enjoyed sharing in our celebrations! Please ensure you pass on our thanks to Daniel, Aldona and Glen!!!

Sarah-Jane Edwards

Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

Food was excellent – Top notch. I was very impressed with the quality and variety. From breakfast to morning tea and lunch right through to dinner. Great wholesome cooking, with good fresh ingredients, served with plenty of tea/coffee, soft drinks and wine/beer. For a treking trip with outdoor catering this was exceptional. Guides – Excellent. Both Daniel and Glen were fantastic and great ambassadors for Life’s an Adventure. Daniel was enthusiastic, helpfull, knowledgeable and nothing was to hard to do, even after dropping my touch in the freezing lake at Jenolan Cave, Daniel was straight onto retrieving it without hesitation. Glen was always willing to help out, look after the group and make sure we were well looked after at camp. Glen did a great job of making each rest stop and overnight great fun. Overall the commitment of Daniel and Glen to looking after us made the trip. Camping – Excellent. The Lodge – Excellent . Great location and well kitted out – we were very luck that during our stay we were the only group so we had the entire lodge to ourselves. Made for a great night! Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. The trek was booked by my wife as a surprise 11 year anniversary. The trek, the crew, the way we were looked after all made for a memorable anniversary. Right through to there being a surprise bottle of champagne that we shared with the rest of the group on the last night. I have already recommended Lifes an Adventure to friends as well as the Six Foot Track.

Ian Edwards

Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

Just home from the 6ft track trek in the Blue Mountains – we did for a girlfriends 40th .. what an awsome experience! We had a ball!! ..Thank you so so much Kat, Adrian and Timmo for everything – you guys did such an amazing job !! Food was devine and tour leaders were incredible.. What a great group we had – an experience I’ll never forget! And thanks for the introduction to Willy !! – oh what a character – kept us laughing for days – even up that mammoth hill… Awesome.. thanks again guys.


Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

Food – Excellent. High quality, excellent variety, banquet amounts. Guides – Excellent, Very instructive, friendly and helpful. Camping experience – fantastic in every way. Night one, I had the best night I can remember for many years. Overall impression of the tour – Beyond Expectations. I felt I was in safe hands of experts which, with great weather, made for a very memorable time.

Carole Bennetts

Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

The food was delicious. who would have expected vietnamese rolls in the middle of the bush. Dinner with the great storyteller, Willy was a highlight as was smoked salmon and salad on the mountain top after a long hill climb. Daniel was very competant, capable, knowledgable and friendly in a quiet way. He kept the whole group motivated and tended to all our needs. I would happily do a tour with him again. Tour Beyond Expectations. I was very impressed with the tour.I came away with new motivations for myself. We had an interesting mix of people on the trip. I had many great conversations during the 3 days.In fact, I think I’d like to do the trip again!


Six Foot Track Multi Award-winning Walking Tour

Wolgan Walley Client Testimonials

2 Day Wolgan Valley Walk – Awesome!

My girlfriend and I decided to do the 2 Day Wolgan Valley Walk in the Blue Mountains in September 2012. It started on a cool spring morning when we got picked up from Katoomba Station and drove out to the Zig Zag Railway. Our guides handed out our fantastic lunches and snacks and we set off on our way. It was a small group of 6 plus our guide and was a barrel of laughs and friendly banter the whole way. Our first stop was the glow worm tunnels where we walked to the middle of the tunnel and extinguished our torches before the tunnel transformed into a starry wonderland. As we lingered there in the dark cool tunnel, our eyes adjusted and the glow worms became more apparent as they lit up the ceiling like the sky and lined the edge like emergency lighting on a plane. We emerged from the tunnel and entered into a gulley of tree ferns surrounded by gorgeous rock walls with a creek trickling beside us. We continued on our way, watching the flora transform from ferns to dry gum forests with native spring flowers sprouting. The views to Donkey Mountain were spectacular as we perched on the cliff edge and regrouped. Lunch was exquisite and we continued on our way as our guide shared fast facts of the area, the flora and fauna and taught us what native plants we could eat along the way. Stepping stones were strategically placed as we crossed the creek and found the old pub and our rest stop for the night. Our other guide had set up our tents and was waiting with a feast of food to cook for dinner. Wine lined the table, a cheese platter sprawled in front of us. We freshened up in the hot showers provided and set in for a night of relaxation and gourmet treats. After dinner we sat around the fire before heading off for a well earned rest.

In the morning we were awoken to the sounds of birds laughing and refuelled before exploring the old ruins that Newnes had to offer. It is incredible to think of what used to be in this old industrial city that is now a ghost town that has reverted back to its vegetated state. The pipeline track was next on the hit list, and as we climbed to 900 metres over 2 km the adrenalin kicked in and drove us up rocks and over fallen trees. When we arrived at the top we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains escarpments and the valley floor below us. We enjoyed a leisurely snack and cup of tea on the cliff edge as we took advantage of such a spectacular photo opportunity. The rest of the day was a breeze as we descended into Glen Davis through green valley, ferns towered above our heads and we scuttled through wattle groves. The local fauna came out to great us as we saw butterflies, birds, goannas and kangaroos. As we signed the guest book and continued around the corner our 4WD was there waiting to transport us back into reality.

The whole trip was very easy going and relaxed never feeling rushed to get anywhere. Considering it was only the second time the walk had run, it went off without a hitch. Guides were knowledgeable and friendly, scenery was gorgeous, walk was relaxing, food was gastronomically divine and the overall experience was second to none. Highly recommended!!.

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