The benefits of walking with friends

Feb 18, 2022

Taking on a Life’s an Adventure pack-free guided walk is so good for you in so many ways and it’s even better to do it with your favourite walking buddy. So here are four reasons why exploring the great outdoors with a friend is so great and we match each point with the perfect walk.


Great North Walk guided walk.


Enjoy the little things A rewarding vista, a wildflower in bloom, a wildlife sighting… All of these moments mean that much more when you share them with someone you care about. Hitting the trail gives you and your hiking buddy an opportunity to step away from your daily lives. Recommended walk: The 7-day South Coast highlights walk, NSW

Three Capes, Tas.


Unplug from your daily life How often do you pick up your mobile phone? Hiking is a great way for you to unplug and enjoy nature and your friend’s company without a phone buzzing in your ear! Recommended walk: Three Capes, Tas

Spend quality time The bustle of our daily lives often gets in the way of spending quality time with the ones we love. When you’re on a hike, you have no choice but to spend time with whoever you choose to share the trail with. Recommended walk: Wilsons Promontory and East Gippsland.

Wilsons Prom.


Live healthier and happier Hiking is healthy. Fact! We all know this. It builds strength and endurance. It decreases depression and anxiety. And when you share health and happiness with your favourite walking buddy, you build bonds unlike any other. Recommended walk: Cape to Cape and Bibbulmun.

Kooljaman Lodge, Cape Leveque.


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