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Maria Island Walk
Guided Walking Tour

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Maria Island Walk, Maria Island Guided Walking Tour, Maria Island Guided Walk Tasmania, Maria Island Guided Tour,
Maria Island Walk, Maria Island Guided Walking Tour, Maria Island Guided Walk Tasmania, Maria Island Guided Tour, Book-now Maria Island Walk, Maria Island Guided Walking Tour, Maria Island Guided Walk Tasmania, Maria Island Guided Tour, Bay-of-Fires-Lodge

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Maria Island Walking Tour - 3 Day Guided Walk on Maria Island

If you are looking for a walking holiday in Tasmania you can't go past Maria Island on the east coast of Tasmania. Mountainous in the interior and surrounded by stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches, aqua waters and limestone cliffs this island is a hidden gem unknown to many. Enjoy the three days Maria Island Walk with your overnight bags carried for the entire journey leaving you free to soak up the spectacular scenery, admire the rich and abundant wildlife and take in the intriguing history.

Owner Mark Norek says "Maria Island holds a special place in my heart, I proposed to my wife Vicki on the top of the island's Bishop & Clerk summit. This island is pure heaven and has everything you would want in a walking holiday including spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and so much natural beauty, it's one of Tasmania's little gems that is unknown to many Australians.  I'm very passionate about sharing the secret of this magical place with our guests". Our team is dedicated to providing our guests with an enriching experience and quality and interpretive tours. Our group sizes are small and intimate with a maximum of 10 people, we find this delivers a more personalised service, a great social environment and has less impact on the environment."

We will carry your overnight bags every day!

Life's An Adventure's will carry your overnight bag for the entire Maria Island Walking Tour. Maria Island 3 day guided walks are for those looking for a walking and camping experience with the creature comforts! Travelling with us, you can enjoy a Maria Island Walking Holiday where all the organisation is taken care of for you, from carrying your overnight bags every day, to setting up camp and cooking delicious dinners featuring wonderful Tasmanian produce, wine, cheeses and more. 

A fantastic Maria Island Walk with Camping Experience

On night one you will step back in time and become a convict for the night. Our accommodation is at the convict Penitentiary built in the 1830's at the world heritage settlement of Darlington and refurbished with comfy bunk beds and woodfire heaters. Dine under the stars enjoying delicious meals. Whilst on night two you will enjoy camping on the southern part of the island at Encampment Cove. Enjoy camping in walk-in touring tents with off the ground beds, deluxe mattresses and hot showers.

During the day partake in guided hikes exploring Maria Island's hidden jewels including the ancient fossils at Fossils Cliff, the amazing Painted Cliffs sculpted by the sea and breathtaking views from Bishop & Clerk.
This Maria Island guided Walk will be an amazing hiking holiday in Tasmania you will never forget. 

Recent comments from clients about this trip...

Angela OMara
Overall impression of the Maria Island walking tour - Beyond Expectations. Our guides Leif, Dan and Barry were such willing guides.Nothing was ever too much trouble. Leif made sure everyone on the walk was coping and let us know he was new to this walking guide. We were fortunate to have several vets and experienced walkers. The whole group got on we'll. the weather was perfect and the scenery magnificent. Dan and Barry prepared the food like professionals. They were friendly and always happy to assist and join in and chat. A very great group of workers you have employed. It's excellent in pace and distance and challenging in small sections for all levels of walkers. The various forms of fauna made it a special place. It was a personal achievement to have walked on this beautiful island. The turquoise colours of the oceans and bay inlets surpassed the beauty of the Whitsundays which are in my home state .

Raymond Tedman
Food & Guides - Excellent. The walking staff, led by Kirk, were great company, very enthusiastic and always very helpful. We loved the island and set new personal best for the roughest water crossing as well as the best food and wine on a camp/hiking trip. All three staff made us feel very welcome and thoroughly spoilt us. Night 1 at the Penitentionary was excellent. wood fires were great and sleeping bags/sheets and pillows helped with a good night sleep. Overall impression of the Maria Island walking tour .....Beyond Expectations

Feb 2012
Meals - Excellent. I am able to eat just about everything and I like everything so the food was full of variety and choice both healthy and unhealthy which are both wanted at different times. And cooked very well too. Making and taking our own lunches with snacks to munch on the way was a good idea. Guides - Excellent. All three were friendly, professional helpful and accommodating Kat, Warwick and Andrew. Everything was set up and provided for. Nothing was missing that we needed. Kat had the hardest job out front keeping us amused and pressing us on at the hard moments, but the boys were there in the background providing our comforts. I appreciated Kat for coming and finding me to see the penguins. I travelled around Tasmania for two weeks and missed out and then the first night it was like magic and there the penguins were with their babies. Night 1 at the Penitentionary - Excellent . I saw the penguins, The food was plentiful. Camping experience on night 2 - Excellent. The view was spectacular, no mossies the weather was perfect, the food plentiful, various and well cooked, wine was plentiful Kat encouraged us to get out of the sun. Her fourth attempt was successful when we realised that we were all getting burnt. Thankyou Kat for your concern. Overall impression of the Maria Island Tour - Beyond Expectations
I think we were lucky that everyone seemed to get along well and that may have been because the leaders were happy with each other it seemed to me so that I felt comfortable and secure and that made the weekend carefree. With dollops of history thrown in and a few good photo opportunities and the most excellent weather it was a weekend to remember.

Jan 2012
Have just returned from spending 3 glorious days wandering around Maria Island with a wonderful group of people, led by our Life be in it guide's Kat and Daniel. With their expertise, knowledge and obvious love of the outdoors, we wwre led around the island being shown the history, flora and fauna of the island. With an unrushed easy going pace we had plenty of time to summit mountains and swim in crystal clear waters, having beaches all to ourselves. And if that wasn't enough to satisfy me ,being wined and dined by the fresh and wholesome meals that they prepared, left me feeling totally spoiled and relaxed. Thankyou for a wonderful experience and memories.

Karl and Cheryl Gallienne
Meals -Excellent. Kat, Warwick and Andrew were very attentive with the food as I can only have glutten free products. I felt they went out of there way to provide the best and freshest possible food for me and everyone. My husband enjoyed the journey with me as I was healthy for 3 days, which is important when walking in the middle of a Island. Fresh, tasty and plentiful, just what you need. Guides -Excellent. Being hospitality trained ourselves, we were very impressed with our guides. They had the perfect combination between the 3 of them. You couldn't have asked for any better.
Night 1 at the Penitentionary - Good. Showers were a let down for this night, otherwise very comfortable. Camping experience on night 2. We are camping people so we enjoyed this night the most, you really felt that you had the Island to yourself and felt very special. Overall impression of the tour - Beyond Expectations. The logistists are all put in place for the guides but if we didn't have Kat, Warwick and Andrew I don't know if it would have been the same. We feel they made the trip for us, they care.

Wilder Family

My 9 year old daughter and I did the Maria Island Walk with Life is an Adventure and it was wonderful. Maria Island is beautiful, the walking was sensational and everything was incredibly well organised. The logistics, food and wine were also great. But above all else the Guide we had, Catt and our logistics leader, Daniel were simply incredible and made the Maria Island trip an absolute delight with their care, knowlegde and guiding. I selected this trip over the other more excluisve trip as it was shorter in time, your bags were carried and the accomodation is a little more natural- i.e. penetentiary and tents. I have previously done the bay of fires walk many years ago and this was just as good. My daughter loved it and while I thought her walking all that way was going to be challenge, she had no trouble and they looked after her incredibly well.

Jan 2012
Meals - excellent. I was amazed at what Katrina and Daniel had provided for us after a hot day's walking. Delicious, welcome, beautiful food! Excellent guides, Katrina, Daniel and Ben are wonderful ambassadors for Life's an adventure. Night 1 at the Penitentionary - A unique experience that tied in history with a good degree of comfort. Camping experience on night 2 -Excellent. Dinner by the cove - good friends, good food. I was quite surprised to find the tents up, shower tent ready, food organized, and a cup of tea in my hand. I had expected to do some work but I didn't have a chance to even volunteer - it was all in hand! Very welcome just to relax! Overall impression of the Maria Island walking tour: beyond expectations. Would love to do another Maria Island tour with you now!

Jan 2012
Meals - excellent. Guides Kat and Daniel are what makes the trip. The Maria Island walk was fantastic but they were sensational. They represent you in effect and are just amazing. Overall impression of the Maria Island Walking Tour - Beyond Expectations, it was simply great.