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our commitment to environmental sustainability

Eco-tours-Blue-MountainsLife’s An Adventure is dedicated to preserving the unique beauty, wildlife, and ecological significance of the environment in which it operates.  Owners Mark and Victoria Norek share a passion for outdoor recreation and a concern for the preservation of the natural environment.  As long term residents of this region and members of the Outdoor Recreation Industry council, they recognize the importance of eco-friendly tourism and environmental conservation.  As such, they strive to operate their tours in a manner that upholds sustainable principles and best business practices. 

Life’s An Adventure has partnered with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service to promote environmental conservation through the Green Guardian program.  As part of the Green Guardian program Life’s An Adventure is actively involved in the clean up and monitoring of invasive weeds along the Tasmanian coastline.  Invasive weeds in this region have a devastating impact on natural plant and wildlife communities.  Similarly, these invasive weeds contribute to coastal erosion and damage of Aboriginal heritage sites.  As such, Life’s An Adventure assists in removing and reducing the impact caused by invasive species.  In addition, Life’s An Adventure emphasizes education on the natural ecosystem, environmental degradation, and minimal impact practices. 

Life’s An Adventure employs the Leave No Trace principles and emphasizes elements of conservation in all operations in order to ensure minimal environmental impacts.  In addition to environmental conservation, Life’s An Adventure is committed to supporting the local community by working closely with local businesses and hiring local guides.  Life’s An Adventure has earned the Blue Mountain Sustainable Business accreditation among other awards for its efforts to preserve the natural environment and commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.  Mark and Victoria hope to continue to enjoy and share this beautiful region with their family, friends, visitors, and future generations.  As such, you can be guaranteed the highest quality adventure tourism experience that works to protect the ecosystem you explore.    

Life’s An Adventure is independently audited by a third-party organization.  For more information about Life’s An Adventure’s commitment to sustainability please explore the following links...


Green Guardians

Green Guardians is a voluntourism (volunteer tourism) program run by the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania (PWS). The program works in partnership with local tourism operators (like us) and provides conservation volunteer opportunities to tourists (like you) on guided tours in Tasmania. The various projects on offer are all developed to meet the conservation needs of national parks or reserves as well as sustaining the natural and cultural values inherent within them. The key benefits of the Green Guardians program include; the positive working relationships formed between PWS and commercial operators, and stakeholders such as Save the Tasmanian Devil Program and Birdlife Tasmania; the physical work completed by volunteers in the field; the quantitative results which are used to prevent further environmental impacts from occurring; and most importantly the educational benefits.

Our project is working with PWS, Birdlife Tasmania and the Department's Resource Management and Conservation Branch. Whilst walking along the wild and remote beaches of the Bay of Fires and Maria Island, we will identify a number of threatened and vulnerable shorebird species such as the resident hooded plover, red-capped plover, pied and sooty oyster catchers, and migratory shorebird species such as the red-necked stint, ruddy turnstone and sanderling. These migratory species fly approximately 25,000km each year!  This important work will aid in assessing shorebird populations and habitat quality, both of which have been seriously affected by human activity. The vital information collected will be uploaded into the Department's Natural Values Atlas where it will assist in improving conservation outcomes for all levels of government, industry and general public planning and decision making.

Leave No Trace Principles

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conservation of the bay of fires

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  Environmental Commitment